The arts and deep sensory states invite the mystery, and with each dive into the unknown, a little bit of that mystery is revealed. Those moments are my anchor points for life. 


Whether I am singing, dancing, writing, healing, or drawing, I want to be close, as close as I can be to the heart of life, as nourished as I can be in the womb of creation. 

The Mythical Animal Series

Through Mother Earth’s longing for reconnection, she sends her animals to you.


Through the eyes of the animals, a transmission of love, wisdom, compassion and healing occurs.


Through the songs of the forest, the passionate, mystical soul is re-birthed.


Through the creative process, these worlds emerge as paintings, healings, songs and poems.


Through the magic of feminine wisdom, the balance of the world is restored, the soul of the world can sing to humanity once again.

Each animal possesses a healing gift, a sacred connection to humanity.​ My dream is to bring the magic of the mythical forest alive again, and to inspire people to drop into the love in their hearts through my work. Ultimately, the goal is to have a barn space, with all of the animals in their sections, singing their healing songs to the visitors. 


I accept commissions, however the backlog is high at this time as I am working on all my animals as well. Prints available.


Years ago, when my heart had shut down, a beautiful fawn came to me in my dream. I was in a prison cell. She came into the cell, lay her head on my lap and gazed into me with her dark, loving eyes.   I completely melted and felt my heart open once more.  The jail cell dissolved and I was in the forest, I had always wanted to live in the forest. A year after that dream, guidance told me to paint this deer, and her loving gaze. When I completed this painting, my life suddenly changed, allowing me to move to the  deer filled forest of the Hudson Valley, New York.

Oil on canvas

2.5 x 3 '


Commissioned piece. When the client met her animal through our journey ceremony, she wondered if she would be a strong, feline woman, alone forever...but while I was painting, the black jaguar just  appeared and snuggled up to her...when I completed the painting, she met her partner. 

Oil on canvas

2.5 x 2 '