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Do you have a  burning desire to know your spirit guides?


Have your spirit guides talked to you before, but you don’t know how to do it again?


Would you like to talk to your spirit guides whenever you want?

Are you a healer who wants to deepen your ability to hear and channel guidance for your clients?



 I have worked with thousands of people over the last 20 years to help them to connect with their Higher Self and spirit guides.

  • Learn to channel guides, higher self and souls passed over

  • Open receive information from crystals, trees, plants, etc

  • Transform emotional issues holding you back from  fully opening to spirit

  • Align with your life path and purpose

  • Increase your healing abilities

  • Direct line to your creative inspiration/guidance

This series of 6 private sessions opens your channel, works through personal issues that may be holding you back from your true psychic potential and gives you one on one education of the esoteric realms.


Sessions are a combination of education, channeling practice and healing/mentoring work.

There is homework between sessions and your progress is directly related to how much you practice. You will create a special altar for your channeling work, where you can practice each day and have practice clients.

The certification comes with 2 E-courses: Learning to Channel, Levels 1 & 2 as well as 6 months of Creation Activation monthly membership, which will give you time to receive channelings and open to your own channel with a powerful group energy field.

I offer this curriculum in a focused package to amplify the energetic container of your psychic learning, and to give time for your energy body to expand and integrate with your physical body.


Learning to channel is committing to changing your life. Alignment with your Higher Self and Soul, an integral part of the program, can change your life direction quickly. You must be prepared for this and understand it could be part of the process. Opening psychically requires a commitment to being fully present in your life and in your body.

” I feel so much more confident in my healing work.”

” I opened up so much during this class, my telepathic abilities have significantly increased,

I have so much more trust.”

” I am able to access medical guides when I need them now, and I’m so connected to my ancestors,

who show up at every healing.”

” I’m stepping into a whole, deeper level. I want to keep going, I like it.”

This program is specifically designed for:

1. Seekers: Sink into the love and wisdom your guide team is waiting to give you. Feel nurtured and supported in your mission in life.

2. Healers: Greatly increase your skills by developing strong guidance abilities with all senses, as well as the specific skillset your guides want to teach you.

  1.  Sacred Space/Align with Higher Self/Monad​

  2. Psychic protection/Meet your Main Guide(s)

  3. Connect with the messages of Nature/Crystals/Plants/Trees

  4. Meet 4th/5th level guides of healing/Ancestors

  5. Meet 6th/7th level guides of healing/Angels & Ascended Masters

  6. Channel for others/Integration


This is the base curriculum that is customized as needed for each student dependent on goals,  personality, level and experience.


  • 6 ​1hr private sessions + recordings

  • 6 months of Creation Activation monthly membership

  • 2 E-courses - Learning to Channel Levels 1 & 2

  • Review of practice sessions

  • Email support

  • Custom bonuses


Program must be completed within 6 months, payment plans available. 

Are you ready to take your intuitive skills to the next level?

Contact me to set up a time to talk and learn more.

Thanks! Message sent.

"I still listen to the meditations, like a hotwire to source energy! What a powerful, life changing class!" ​

~Wayne Silverman

"Level four is the most powerful and strongest for me. Ever since our class I am in a very joyous mood. My team communicates with me a lot through the musical vibrations, and I am not a musician. As for my meditation, my team  took me to the deep water, floating on the water , that immediately brought up a sense of peace and well-being."  ~ Angela Aim

"So much info came through to me during the meditation. ~ Seventh level: St. Germaine and Metatron working together with me, reactivating my merkaba, us placing it around the house, the city, the land, the whole world. So many messages of confirmation about my path. I feel more trust than ever…" ~  Stephanie Lynn

CC Treadway is an energy healer, channel, transformational teacher and multidisciplinary sacred artist.  She was born a healer, and has been training and practicing since childhood. 


Her specialties are: 

• Empath development and empowerment


• Connecting you to your Higher Self, your guides, Mother Earth/Father Sky and your Inspiration so you can harness  your spiritual gifts and power

• Tracking illness/distortions/blocks on all levels through dimensions and time for healing

• Mentoring your healing work creative process

• Helping you heal codependency, sexual abuse/assault, relational issues & trauma  so you can be sovereign in all areas of your life

• Unlocking your creative power, sensuality, soul purpose and abundance

She maintains a practice via phone/Zoom and at Mirabai Books in beautiful Woodstock, New York.

Contact her to schedule

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