LightSchool Arts Offerings

Awaken beautiful soul!

Let all things untrue fall away, 

until the source of your being

unleashes its love!

My wish is that this work not just make you feel better, but make you feel alive, rich, passionate, fierce and in love with the mystery.


My wish is for your particular sensitivities and genius to be unlocked and nourished so your true creative offering can be actualized.

Lightschool for Creative & Spiritual Activation is a contemporary mystery school that is in dynamic relationship with the ever evolving and expanding universe.  Woven together with the ancient mysteries, earth magic and energetic sciences, these programs give the seeker a rich, luscious palette on which to grow, learn and create. We pay special attention to the feminine healing arts, where generations of false patriarchal control can shed, and the true, sovereign self can be released!


While I primarily work with women, ALL genders are welcome.  I extend a warm invitation to all races and all ages as well.

Classes are designed to take you deep into your healing journey, your inner mystery and lead you to your next evolutionary edge. Special attention is paid to creating a safe space for the vulnerabilities and sensitivities that can arise for the empath. The sacred spaces and miracles of spirit that happen in these classes are extremely potent. All designed for your inner creative being to express itself.

Most classes are conducted via teleclass or video conference/Zoom. Some programs have in person meetings combined, and workshops are all live. Please check the event calendar for other offerings.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, parent, seeker,  writer, painter, singer, healer or any other kind of creator, LightSchool nurtures your innate spiritual connection with your purpose and craft. 

“This class changed my life

The ladies, sharing their energy

My guides had so much to share with me

To live my purpose

Understand my gift in this world

Helping me help so many other people”  ~ Reema


Trauma, heartbreak, betrayal, grief and loss can freeze a person in time, preventing healing and moving forward. These small group coaching classes take you deep into the magic of your rich, inner world and into the sacred spaces of healing, releasing and creative therapy. 

Classes move through trauma repatterning, sexual healing, womb cleansing, transpersonal psychotherapy, healing from codependency and negative attachment patterns, and allow you to reclaim your creative power, expression and joy. 


Creative expression can heal and rebuild self esteem, and bring the unconscious conscious. By the end of the 3 months you will have a small portfolio of work that will be a sacred, healing manuscript for years to come. 


Have you been on the healing journey for awhile, have a working understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and are ready to take it to the next level and kick some ass?

In this 6 month coaching group, Cynthia Oliver and I teach you to master the art of manifestation, miracles and powerful feminine energy that is so needed on this planet right now. At the heart of every woman is a profoundly sensual,  erotic and powerful creator who’s strength comes from her very ability to allow all of life to live and breathe inside of her. At that point, it's just pick and choose at her pleasure.

We take you out of victimhood in ALL areas of your life and enter the quantum field of creation, again and again

We go deeper into trauma repatterning, creative expression, financial manifestation and success creation.

This program will change you on ALL levels, and you will never accept less than you deserve again.


Every year I teach new stand alone classes. The classes are given to me by spirit and are relevant to the times and the Wheel of the Year.  I teach classes each season. They utilize all of my 20 years of esoteric, personal growth, and teaching experience and invite opportunities for the LightSchool Arts Community to come together.

Classes are focused on psychic development, the journey of the soul, healing, lightwork for the planet and creativity.



Check out the seasonal curriculums and the CALENDAR page for the latest offerings.


A 6 month program, group or 1 on 1, that helps you to:

•Develop advanced psychic & healing skills – both those I teach, and those that arise within you

•Grow your practice organically and authentically

•Transcend limited old paradigm thinking while staying grounded and effective

•Engage in the quantum fields for abundance, your genius zone and your business template

•Create professional boundaries: prices, practice development, client communication

•Track and presence psychological issues that arise for clients and for you in the moment


Live workshops are offered periodically.

Some live workshops include:

The Holy Chalice ~ Decolonize yourself! Unleash the Wild, Orgasmic Feminine

Feminine Resurrection ~ Enter the womb of the mystical, feminine creative

The Primordial Voice ~ Find your primal self through your body, your voice and Mother Earth

Learning to Channel  ~ Day long workshops to open your channel, connect and be nourished by your guide team

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés