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Sometimes you just gotta be relentless. The medicine I have learned in this past 1.5 years has been: Perseverance. Endurance. Determination.

In my happiest epoch of life, I was flattened by chronic neurological Lyme, a tapeworm infection, long haul covid, gallbladder disease and liver dysfunction/overload/exhaustion. I also experienced an energetic invasion that was darker and more persistent than anything I’d ever been through.

What could have created such a cacophony of problems?

I was determined to find answers.

I learned so deeply and personally that what creates anything in our lives, positive or negative, is built on many things, over a period of time, spanning lifetimes and beyond. Nothing we are experiencing is an accident and if we can create it, we can take that same energy, re-route it and create something new.


What I learned was that I had an Illness Timeline that had a lot of energy and a lot of momentum. Since I was not aware of it, it had a life of its own. As I grew in strength and energy, so did it! I felt like a victim to something I could not see or control. As a healer I felt humbled and ashamed.

But there was no time for low self esteem, I needed to use every single thing I had learned as a healer and put it to work, but I took it many steps further.

I became an investigative ninja through my karmic expanse, editing and re-editing my life’s story, toggling through multiple timelines/lifetimes and re-weaving them into coherence.

I took all my experience as a video editor and translated it towards my healing. I took all the presence, faith and skill developed from a lifetime of being a healer and supercharged it with the fuel of my desire to restore my full vitality.

I studied with healing and nutrition experts and absorbed their mastery as my own potential. I moved to Florida so I had unrestricted access to holistic doctors, and to be in an energetic template of supportive wellness - because NY culture and bureaucracy silences and discriminates against holistic medicine.

My doctor in FL was worried about the state of my digestive system and would not give me antibiotics, I had to do it naturally. I accepted the challenge to rebuild my body, mindset and energy field into health.

I became a precise and master dowser, the leader of my health team. With spirit’s help, and my vast community of healers, I found the remedies that helped me heal.

Through my often traumatizing and painful journey, my mental and emotional state transformed and triumphed. Skill and remedies are essential, but belief, determination and faith are their fuel.

I KNEW I could do it. I KNEW God had my back and would lead me. I knew there was a way and I was going to find it and do it. I became an empowered woman of faith.

I convinced my body she loved to heal and could do it, step by step. I gave her the strength of my love every day. She is my ally, my best friend, my vehicle for this life, I am devoted to Her.

Ultimately, it was my own psycho-energetic healing work that brought me to a full recovery. The energy that had been allocated to illness was, little by little, re-routing itself to wellness. Now I am dedicating myself to levels of health beyond what I have known, I’m in it for life.

Through this deep initiation as a human and a healer, I developed a new system. I call it Timeline Re-Weaving, and it can be applied to any of life’s main courses: relationships, health, success, money, self-esteem, purpose, etc.

The results are potent, life changing and require a deep dedication on the part of the client. This work is especially well for long standing patterns and conundrums that you think you couldn’t do any more work on!

I am currently working with people 1 on 1 for a minimum of 3 months.

If you are ready to fully commit to transformation, message me and we can talk about working together.

From My Heart to Yours,

CC Treadway

Creator of LightSchool Arts


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