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Creative Coach • Channel • Healer

Multidisciplinary Artist  

"With CC I have learned how to let art, spirit and creativity heal and nourish me, as well as support me financially."

Lizzie Rose  

A profound breath of creation beckoned your soul to this plane...

With just enough remembering, you birthed into this world, ready to inspire and help build a better world for humanity.


But when you got here, it was harder than you thought.

The energy was dense, your memories began to fade. Your family, the leaders, and the people were more disconnected than you had imagined. 


When you opened your precious heart and spirit, you were not prepared for the cruelty that often came with your Earth journey. It seemed like everyone had forgotten their connection to their spirit, to Earth and to each other. You longed for Home...


Yet your soul beckoned you to keep going, to heal your pain and to become strong and fearless in your love.  Instead of your loving fire going out, it has only grown brighter , and it is now ready to be cultivated and positioned to make the contribution you were born to do. 


In this potent portal of catalytic change on our planet, your light and gifts are needed more than ever.

For a deeply spiritual person, connection with spirit is the foundation for all creativity, healing and service.


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“I have been working with CC for years now and every time, I get what my soul needs vs. my ego. CC has this ability to see beyond your words, beyond your tears and your pain, to what your spirit is trying to accomplish. 


Beside the transformational process, one of CC’s expertises is to hold space for your higher self and creativity to come in. I have had the most extraordinary experiences, where my mine has emerged, and I find myself in a powerful, mystical, creative flow with my work. It gives me such a reboot and rebirth, that I can feel it physically, as if I’m glowing from my own light. 

Thank you CC for being this strong teacher on my path, especially in chaotic times...to remind me of my highest good… and that THAT is what life is about” 


~ Sarah Parienti, Playwrite, Director, Actor, Healer

LightSchool for the Sacred Arts

Lightschool for the Sacred Arts is a contemporary mystery school that is in dynamic relationship with the ever -evolving and expanding universe.  Woven together with the ancient mysteries, earth magic and creative arts, these individual and group programs give the seeker a rich, luscious palette on which to grow, learn and create. We pay special attention to the feminine healing arts, where generations of false patriarchal control can shed, and the true, sovereign self can be released!

CC offers year long programs, shorter intensive  classes,  private mentorship and healing work.

• Creative Mystery School

• Celtic/Druid Studies

• Energy Healing 

• Spiritual connection and development

• Creative Development and Coaching

• Feminine Healing

"CC Treadway~ The Majestic Intergalactic Priestess, the keeper of mysteries, the destroyer of illusions, the confidant to the high deities. Strong and vulnerable, outspoken and subtle,  overflowing and holding the banks of the river within herself, she flies in the fields of consciousness, attuned to every subtle vibration in the universe. And when she makes her move, when she makes her Pleiadean masterpiece - you never see it coming - it is always epic and it melts your heart." 

~Luba Evans

Playwrite, musician, love coach


CC receives her creative inspiration primarily in dreamtime and meditation. She especially connects with animals that come to her in dreams.They wanted to be painted to remind her and all of humanity that even though many of us have forgotten our connection and place in the forest, that the animals love us, and welcome us home. 

Through the eyes of the animals, a transmission of love, wisdom, compassion and healing occurs.

Through the songs of the forest, the passionate, mystical soul is re-birthed.

“CC is a part of the super – goddess – healing – ninja – team, sent here to Earth to remind us all of our innate beauty. Her voice is a healing water fall of awesomeness, soothing my heart, strengthening my mind and destroying all my bullshit. Bringing me back to the beloved.”

~Srikala Kerel Roach
Musician, producer, heart devotee


"The first thing that gets you is the sound of her voice.  It is so pure, I have to close my eyes and just feel.  The tone is so rich yet so stripped down and pure, it's like a sound that has lived in the trees and in the seas for thousands of years, ancient and soothing. Your soul is charged during this musical journey."

Joseph Eid





"The work with CC was an invitation to step deeper into my creativity, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and so much more. What is wonderful about this work is that it is powerful on both very subtle realms and very gross realms. You work very much with both the spiritual and the physical. You tap into growth on so many levels- emotions, the body, spirit.


I was able to tap into the creative waves I had been dreaming about, and CC was able to guide me to honor my entire creative process. She was able to give me very specific practices each week that made perfect sense to where I was at individually, and I looked forward to what each week brought anew. And now I am a published poet with new opportunities arising all the time. I would recommend this work to anyone who feels called to live from this place inside of them. "


Healer, Artist


"I had been on a spiritual path for years but was having trouble crossing the threshold into the life I knew I was capable of. There was always a dividing wall between the choices I knew were best and the choices I was making. That wall has dissolved. My choices are more conscious and aligned with my true nature and desires, and the life I’m living reflects my peace and happiness. I cannot recommend CC, and this work highly enough"


Writer, Speaker, Spiritual Storyteller


"CC’s work is so helpful and touches right into the heart of most of my own challenges with the creative process. CC Treadway you have a way of getting right to the core with your voice~ such precious insight for every one in the process of birthing their life's vision; everyone." ~ Vera de Chalambert


Writer, Healer, Waldorf Teacher


“The powerful spiritual and creative work dug into my blocks, excuses, and holding patterns right away. With each channeling came more clarity. With each artistic assignment I completed, I felt myself sinking deeper into the center of my creative heart. Farewell writers block.  I can just sit down and write, and it comes to me, no problem now."