Deepen your craft and cultivate an inspired healing practice - and life - in line with your creative essence.


Tap into your creative genius, and bring forth your soul-inspired visions.



Deepen your connection to guidance with  Learning to Channel FREE!

Welcome Beautiful Soul

My name is CC Treadway. I spend my days immersed in creative projects and helping healers deepen their craft, expand their practice and realize their creative dreams. 

Building a practice that can support you - not drain you, while still having space for your creativity to thrive, can be a confusing journey in this strange, often traumatic, and beautiful world.

Together, we can help you unlock your soul energy and co-create the life you incarnated to live.


We focus on:

  • unblocking your creative energy and genius

  • finding the way to your unique offering(s)

  • bringing in and keeping clients

  • profound belief work and clearing

  • developing courses and creative projects

  • unblocking you for success

  • helping you avoid the common mistakes all healers make!

  • mentoring and advanced training 

  • making sure you don't burn out

  • building the best system to suit your personality, finances and creative cycles

And so much more. Your soul leads the way. If you are ready to explore a commitment to coaching, contact me.


Playwrite • Director • Actor •Healer


"CC has this ability to see beyond your words, beyond your tears and your pain, to what your spirit is trying to accomplish.

Beside the transformational process, one of CC’s expertises is to hold space for your higher self and creativity to come in. I have had the most extraordinary experiences, where my mine has emerged, and I find myself in a powerful, mystical, creative flow with my work. It gives me such a reboot and rebirth, that I can feel it physically, as if I’m glowing from my own light. 

Thank you CC for being this strong teacher on my path, especially in chaotic remind me of my highest good… and that THAT is what life is about” 



Work with CC

Colorful Branch


Developing a working relationship with your spiritual guidance unlocks your life purpose, your healing capacity, creativity and your personal connection to Spirit.


Deepen your abilities to see, hear and feel  your spiritual guidance with my  Learning to Channel 

E-Course for FREE!

Colorful Branch


Join our monthly new moon gatherings for live teachings from CC's spiritual guidance team, as well as healings, transmissions and inspiring energies to stay on track during these turbulent times.


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Colorful Branch


Explore the different options of study at LightSchool Arts.

We have healing trainings and creative development courses for practicing healers.



Musician • Producer • Healer


 “CC is a part of the super – goddess – healing – ninja – team, sent here to Earth to remind us all of our innate beauty. Her voice is a healing water fall of awesomeness, soothing my heart, strengthening my mind and destroying all my bullshit. Bringing me back to the beloved.”



Speaker • Writer • Healer


CC’s work is so helpful and touches right into the heart of most of my own challenges with the creative process. CC Treadway you have a way of getting right to the core with your voice~ such precious insight for every one in the process of birthing their life's vision; everyone."

The Arts


I receive my creative inspiration primarily in dreamtime and meditation. I especially connect with animals that come to me in dreams or to my front door! They like to be painted to remind us that even though many of us have forgotten our connection and place in the forest, they love us, and welcome us home. 

Through the eyes of the animals, a transmission of love, wisdom, compassion and healing occurs.

Through the songs of the forest, the passionate, mystical soul is re-birthed.

Visual Art



"The first thing that gets you is the sound of her voice.  It is so pure, I have to close my eyes and just feel.  The tone is so rich yet so stripped down and pure, it's like a sound that has lived in the trees and in the seas for thousands of years, ancient and soothing. Your soul is charged during this musical journey."

Joseph Eid


What People Say

Deepen your connection to guidance with  Learning to Channel FREE!