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“CC's performance is not a traditional music show. I feel myself being healed and guided to answers.  But mostly, I feel myself get in touch with my soul, at home and open.”


~ Joseph Eid


CC Treadway is a sacred singer songwriter, coloratura soprano and sound healer.


Her shows weave together original, classical, folk, Irish, storytelling and the sacred through passionate emotions - creating a rich, musical landscape from which to open the heart. 

“CC's voice is so incredibly beautiful, laced with emotion, heart etching.” Rob Gulotta


“I just want to curl up in a cloud, listen to you sing and feel the heavens rain down upon me.”  Sean Boyd

When CC sings, it is the calling to the deep. Time and time again I have been profoundly touched by her voice and her talent. There is a healing gift in her music, the kind of sound that stirs the soul and leaves us changed.  Whatever it is that moves through her instrument, it transfigures, reorganizes, it touches the heart and leaves us hopelessly drenched in the Great Mystery. 

Vera de Chalambert



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Joseph Eid and CC Treadway

Joseph Eid and CC Treadway

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