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Sacred Music Program

Creator has a dream for you: a sweet, song of love that pours through your soul. 

A 6-month program for healers to bring their musical dreams to life

Begins Sept 15th


The power of music has brought hearts and minds together since the dawning of humanity.  Whether you are sound healing, singing icaros, gospel or just singing from the depth of your soul, music has the power to connect, heal, uplift and inspire. On top of its medicine for others, when you let your voice and your music out, there is no better feeling.


Do you have a musical dream that’s been living inside of you, but you just haven’t been able to see it through?

In this 6-month, focused program, we support you to do just that. With a sacred container, vocal development, songwriting, sound healing, production and performance, your musical dream can finally come to life.

This program is designed for powerful, sensitive, musically gifted healers to be supported every step of the way through the creation of their dream.


You will explore your creative edge so you can bring your unique genius through, while being held in a powerful container of love, possibility and support.


Healers simply have a lot going on in many dimensions, and weaving all of that medicine through music brings pleasure, joy and fulfillment like nothing else.



Each student will create a body of musical work.


Your project can be: An EP, a live event, an online event, or something else! It must be large enough to push you past your edge, but manageable enough to complete. Your spirit will show you the way!


You will have opportunities each week to share your material, as well as deeply listen to others. This is a learn by doing class. You will get to confront your fears as you go, and learn how to lean into a supportive group when you freeze up.

All traditions are welcome!


Different cultures, races and traditions only bring more depth, richness and beauty into this kind of work. 



  • Unblocking and unlocking the true voice

  • Nature, Spirit and Transmission through song

  • Your unique creative flow and genius

  • Working through emotional, mental, and technical blocks

  • Songwriting

  • Quantum Creativity

  • Performance and production



Held in the sacred earth energies, and expanding into quantum essence, this program brings forth your most hidden and powerful soul energy alive!



Begins Wednesday, Sept 15th, 2021 at 7pm ET.Completes Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022

Six months + One month off for Holidays


Classes meet once a week, more or less,  for two hours over zoom.


  • Two Wed Eve classes per month 7-9 ET,

  • One Sunday afternoon 3-5 ET,

  • One Creation Activation channeling on or around the New Moon,

  • Additional classes with guest teachers as we go.

  • Recordings of all classes

  • Private online space where we will be able to interact, share and post all materials and recordings of all classes.



TUITION: $3900 if paid in full.


Payment plan:

Deposit of $1000, then $500/mo for 6 months


There is no greater power in this world than the energy of creation.

Your creativity is your ticket into a life of flowing essence, synchronicity, and authenticity.

Your project is a testimony of your creative powers.





CC Treadway.jpg

CC Treadway

Creator of LightSchool Arts  & Multidisciplinary Sacred Artist

CC Treadway is an energy & sound healer, channel, singer-songwriter and visionary artist. Her work as a healer for the past 20 years has given her a profound understanding of how the body and soul respond to sound. Her gift is catalyzing people into their spiritual & creative genius. She created LightSchool Arts as a way to weave together divine teachings, spiritual growth, nature and creativity. This is the sixth incarnation of LightSchool. Learn more about CC here.





Bisan Toron

Vocal Artist, Composer, Voice Instructor

Bisan Toron is a Syrian-born vocal artist, composer and voice teacher. Her music is informed by a multitude of cultures and vocal traditions, which she threads with vocal articulations that arise from the moment. Her transformative curriculum entitled ‘Voice Creatures’ guides people into a deep, clear and intimate connection with their voice, bridging the chasm between their inner impulses and boundless expression. Bisan’s voicework combines the somatic and the spiritual, supported by classical technique that frees the myriad colors of the voice. Learn more about Bisan here.





Joseph Eid

Singer Songwriter

Joseph has been writing songs for 25 years and continues to find himself falling deeper in love with the craft and the mystery of songwriting. Since the release of his Human LP, Folk-Pop artist Joseph Eid has been garnering considerable buzz. He has been featured in American Songwriter Magazine's “Best New Music.” His song “It's Only Love” was chosen to be in a feature film starring Sharon Stone called “All I Wish.” His last EP, Watch It Fall, was released in Spring 2017. No Depression Music Journal called it “mesmerizing, mind blowing and empowering.” His latest single release “Listening to a Madonna” has been playing in shopping malls across the country at stores like ULTA and BLOOMINGDALES.  He just finished recording a brand new album of 12 songs which he will be releasing later this year. When he is not playing music for public and private events, Joseph enjoys long walks, road tripping, and spending time at home with his partner and their 3 cats. Learn more about Joseph here.




with CC

The heart of the program, Musical Mystery Teachings are here to support your spiritual journey through your creative expression. In this class, we enter into a sacred container to receive teachings and sound healings from the guides, as well as begin to open your voice to its full sound healing potential through the dimensions. We explore quantum creativity, understanding how our music can create what we intend.  


Coming together as a class is very important, and we will bond and deepen into relationship with each other to form trust, encouragement and a safe space. The LightSchool Arts method allows for a pure and easy connection to your creative potential. It's truly a magical process.



with CC

CC will help you develop and complete your musical project. In this class you will be working through blocks as they arise, meeting the challenges whether they be technical, emotional or creative on the way.You will be encouraged to share your work, receive feedback and give feedback and expand your capacity for what you thought was possible.  Each student will be able to follow the track of their unique vision.


Coaching, production, performance and recording will also be covered through out the year.


Sundays 3-5

with Bisan

Our voice has the capacity to gather and reflect our many dimensions with great nuance and subtlety. This workshop will explore the vast array of un-tapped vocal colors available to us when we explore the embodied connection between emotional impulse, breath and voice. With the support of core classical techniques, participants will begin to maximize the resonance freedom of the voice and discover greater vocal depth, range and clarity of expression.  This class is fundamental to release inhibitions, creative blocks and give energy towards whatever expression of musicality your project becomes.



with Joseph

Ever wonder if there is a science behind the art of song writing? Joseph is bringing us a practical and inspiring class to de-mystify  the process of creating songs!  Whether you understand musical theory or not, you can write a great song. Through a series of fun,  guided exercises, we will push our edges and learn how to easily bring our passion and creativity into form.


Songwriting will no longer be a mystery, but an ally for your creations.


 New Moons

with CC

This class picks a topic to dive into, and then the guides step in to give further channeled insight, healings, attunements, activations and general support for navigating the world we are living in! Topics include: Stage fright, clearing energetic intrusions, stage presence, elemental prayers, quantum field and creativity, etc. Classes take place on or around the new moon.

"The powerful spiritual and creative work at LightSchool  dug into my blocks, excuses, and holding patterns right away. With each channeling came more clarity. With each artistic assignment I completed, I felt myself sinking deeper into the center of my creative heart."

~ Trina Lacey Flores

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