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CC sitting with 2 women, with an Indian Goddess projected behind them.

Inspiration for the Creative Mystic

“These classes changed my life;  everyone sharing their energy. My guides had so much to share with me, to live my purpose, understand my gift in this world, helping me help so many other people.” 


~ Reema

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LightSchool Arts is a contemporary, creative mystery school that is in dynamic relationship with the ever evolving and expanding universe.  Woven together with the ancient mysteries, earth magic, creativity and energetic sciences, these programs give the seeker a rich, luscious palette on which to grow. 

I extend a warm invitation to all races, cultures, gender identities and ages (18+).

We have taught courses from womb healing, to spiritual connection, to sacred music development, to writing a book, to energy healing, to Irish and Celtic magic, to quantum creation and healing.

Classes are designed to take you deep into your creative journey, your inner mystery and lead you to your next evolutionary edge. Special attention is paid to creating a safe space for the vulnerabilities and sensitivities that can arise for the empath. The sacred spaces and miracles of spirit that happen in these classes are extremely potent, all designed for your inner creative being to express itself.

My wish is that this work not just make you feel better,

but make you feel alive, rich, passionate, fierce and in love with the Mystery.


My wish is for your particular sensitivities and creative genius to be unlocked and nourished

so your true creative offering can be actualized.

Sign up for the MAILING LIST to hear of live classes as they are offered throughout the year.

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