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Soul  Tales

the natural order of things + your creativity

• Write your Soul Tale & create a beautiful book

• Effortlessly work through creative blocks

• Unlock the  creational power of your inner world 

• Watch long held dreams realize

I do believe that we live in stories.


Stories are sung, they are written, they are told, they are felt, they are danced, and painted, they are imagined. Stories move through timelines, and those timelines to me are flowing rivers of color, energy, words and song; an evolving symphony of life that we choose, a confluence of creation that welcomes us in, and asks us to surrender into it.


This is the language of the soul.

If you knew that your soul had the blueprint for your life's journey, containing with it all that you long for, would you want to have access to that?


Soul Tales is the process of immersing yourself in you soul's dream so fully, that the story meant for you naturally unfolds.

CC with a drum in a black dress and colorful belt.

My name is CC Treadway

I have been working with creative mystics for over 20 years to unlock their artistic genius and joy.  Through a very specific method, I help you to access the most hidden aspects of your soul's creativity, vulnerability and longing so that you can express your most essential self, and share it with others. As a life long working artist, healer, transformational coach and teacher, I bring a multifaceted approach to our work together.


Stewarding a sacred, illustrated book to life is an alchemical, and magical experience, and one that I never tire of facilitating.

Creative Synchronicity

I have noticed over the years, as my students deepen into their creative projects, that which they are creating becomes their living reality. 


Does it become the exact reality? 


Sometimes. (Be careful what you create)


Does an infinitely more profound unfolding occur within the creative process? 



Close up of painting leaves.

“I didn't know what to expect, but what I got out of it was life-changing, soul-surfing, limitations-releasing, faith trusting,  poetry-renewing, mold-breaking hallelujahs."

~ Susan D.

Book logo

We can’t know the healing and the changes the creative process will unlock, but, this is the heart of visionary immersion, and the magic of your Soul Tale. 


Because, when we sink into the the natural order of things, the stories emerge. 


These stories already live within us, and sometimes we have helpers in the form of muses.


In this deep and focused state, we find ourselves surrendering into the character we need to be to live in that story.


The story is fertile ground for life, for all that we are here to experience and yet…we continually make choices that determine the unfolding continuum.


When we add our creativity, the story expresses itself through us, in technicolor.


When we continually focus energy on the creative pursuit, all the players needed show up to bring it to life through synchronicity.

Service Name

A woman wrote about her greatest challenge in life: her mentally ill mother. Through the process she began to reconcile the relationship on a deep level. Her lineage energy, something she didn’t feel safe enough let in prior, began to write the story for her. She finally was able to let go of her pain and open to her heritage, paving the way for MASSIVE success in her career.

Service Name

Through the process of writing their book, another student, well into their 50’s, gathered the courage to meet their birth mother and leave their unfulfilling relationship. Years later their birth mother and them still share a wonderful relationship, and they met a new parter they absolutely adore.

Service Name

Another woman, through the exercises, began to ‘channel’ a feminine character, who essentially wrote the book for her. The feminine energy was so healing, and after some deeper work around abandonment, a beautiful man walked into her life (It had been 10 years since her last relationship).

"Beside the transformational process, one of  CC's expertises is to hold space for your higher self and creativity to come in. I  have had the most extraordinary experiences, where my mine has emerged, and I find myself in a powerful, mystical, creative flow with my work. It gives me such a reboot and rebirth, that I can feel it physically, as if I'm glowing from my own light."

~Sarah P.

book logo

Creating Your Soul Tale 

What is the difference between just writing a book and created a personal, sacred manuscript, a Soul Tale? 

It’s about the energy, the intention, and specifically, the alchemy. Your book will be your personal illuminated mansucript; art and words weaving together.


With specific creative experientials, journeys and activities, you being to see and experience your creative process, and your life, as an alchemical tool. You will learn the unique combination of energies it takes for your creative work to become an active participant in your larger visions, as well as begin to surrender deeply into your natural rhythm and life plan that is humming beneath society’s persistent ambition. 


We focus on words, colors, shapes, characters, symbols, as well as some movement and vocals, unleashing your true creative spirit.  This sets the stage for your Soul Tale to come to life.



You enter deep into the creative mists, a point of no return when you become the main character. In the second act, the heart of your play is revealed; the tale is riveting, you cannot turn away from it. Your desires start coming to life in energy, words, color and sound. Your manuscript reveals itself to you as much as you are pouring into it.  You are being led into mysterious alleys, meeting enticing characters, and making choices to define your future. Here your book, like a sacred map, bonds itself to you. 


But not only is your inner myth coming alive, the stories of your classmates fill the room with artful glory, the magic of this interweaving could never be predicted. This immersive excitement takes on a life of its own, and this is how the alchemy, the creative cauldron, cooks us into a seven course, gourmet meal.



The story continues to take you to places in your life you’ve never been. It asks you to do things you haven’t done in your day to day life, it fills your dreamtime until the fluidity between worlds becomes a trustful, flowing river. Your creative ability expands, and the threads begin to create a cohesive current of resolution, and yet, the door is wide open for spirit’s invitation, because we are never truly finished. In fact, if this work does anything, it should highlight the deeper longings of your soul, activate this energy and allow for new pathways to emerge in your life and your creativity. A three act play is just a beginning to an endless exploration. 


If you commit to the process, you should have a not just a story with pictures, but a work of art you are crazy in love with, a talisman for your soul’s destiny.


Sketching materials


This class is open and welcome to all genders, cultures, races, ages (18+)  and expressions of human.

Special attention is given to creating the container for a safe experience. While this class is not directly art therapy, CC is a highly trained transpersonal therapist & energy healer, is trauma informed and has 20 years experience as a practitioner and teacher. CC asks that each student be respectful of the other students, that their stories be held in confidentiality and that each person's essence be treated with love, dignity and curiosity.


MARCH 20- MAY 23


12  LIVE  Zoom Classes with recordings

Class materials

Group chat


Payment plans available for an additional processing fee of $150. (3 installments)

To Register

If you have not previously taken a class with CC, welcome! You must schedule a time to chat with her to learn more and see if it is a true fit.

If you have taken classes before, welcome back!  Please email CC to register. 

Thank you!

Is this another manifesting class?

Yes and no.


To be honest, I’m not that interested in what you want to manifest for yourself, I trust that what you need is already in the program for your life, and we simply need to access it. 


Can you let go of the focus on a goal and start to have fun with life? 

Will you jump into the story where what you want is already living and breathing?

Can you surrender into the creative process?

Can you trust in your timing?

I am interested in you feeling the potency of your soul’s energy wanting to express, wanting something you can’t put your finger on, desiring to create, to unlock your essence, and to allow your natural design to come forth. 


This class is not about forcing an outcome for your life you think you should have, it is so much more profound than that….it is about sinking so deeply into your natural self, that the life that is meant for you emerges. 


The creative process takes you very deeply into this frequency.


Do I need to be an official artist or writer to create my book?


No. The process of accessing your creativity will bring to life your soul's energy, it is inherent to you and you cannot do it wrong. I will guide you the whole way, and help you develop your abilities. The exercises are designed to do it step by step. If you have fears of creating and sharing this will be a wonderful, safe space to work through that. I have helped SO MANY do this before :)  

"Official" artists and writers are also welcome, because this is an expression of soul alchemy, and your next creative level will be easily unlocked in this container.


Along the way you will meet your friends: resistance, fear, grief, anger, mistrust, disbelief, stubbornness. 

And you will also encounter: surrender, genius, synchronicity, gratitude, joy, ecstasy, awe and magic.


So the language we use…"Let’s see  how that story unfolds," as opposed to, “Let’s manifest this,"  or "Let's make the best illustration ever."  Your unique expression is all that is needed.

Your Teacher

CC Treadway is an energy & sound healer, classically trained sacred singer and visionary artist.


She performs original music and leads vocal workshops at sacred events, ceremonies, festivals and healing concerts throughout the United States.  Her solo shows weave together original, classical, folk, Irish, storytelling and the sacred through passionate emotions - creating a rich, musical landscape from which to open the heart. 


She tours with sacred artist Radharani, and Joseph Eid and was a member for three years with the Thom Sessa Inspirational Gospel Choir in Miami, Fl. She is currently studying at the Juilliard School in New York City for classical voice.


As a visual artist, CC is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has been creating mystical animal paintings, with shows throughout the Hudson Valley. She is known for conveying mysterious, healing and soulful expressions in the eyes  of the animals of the forest, and the ones in our dreams. She was accepted into the prestigious Chateau d'Orquevaux residency in Dijon, France for summer of 2024. She worked for 15 years as a professional video editor for companies such as Discovery Channel, MTV, HBO, as well as specialized in music videos for Latin artists such as Juanes and Thalia.


Along with her creative expressions, CC was a born intuitive and healer, and has worked as an energy healer, teacher of esoteric and creative studies as well as transformational coach for 20 years. She trained at the renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing, completing the 4 -year hands on energy healing training, as well as the 2-year, advanced transpersonal psychology certification, among many other trainings. She has run her own private program for 20 years training healers, coaches and creative mystics. Her speciality has been working with women to heal from sexual & relational trauma to become the creative visionaries and healers they were born to be. 


Her articles on the topics of healing, transformation and personal growth, were published monthly for six years on her teacher Drunvalo Melchizedeks online magazine, The Spirit of Maat.


Ultimately, CC believes that the healing transmitted through music and the arts has the ability to make profound, positive impacts on society for generations to come. 

CC sitting in the forest in autumn

"Are we writing the story? Is the story writing us? This is the dance, this is the relationship, but we will, again and again, go out of push and into flow to find the answer."

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