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How can I be of the greatest service to the WHOLE?


 is a Creative Masterpiece

With your dedication and commitment, we create the container for the language of your soul to speak fluently, and lead you to your destiny.



This advanced transformational and creative work is designed to dig deep into your psyche and unlock your next level of success in ANY area, be it relationships, career, creative, financial, spiritual or health, or all of the above.

I had an incredible experience at a music festival I was performing at a few years ago called Bhaktistock. It had been a long time since I was in a sacred, group field that put the Divine in the center for an entire weekend.


Synchronicity was in full effect as all my needs were effortlessly met before I could think about them, like Spirit and I were in an intimate conversation, through all of the participants at the festival. It felt like magic, but really it was just a coherent heart-field.


Our devotional music and the audience singing with us kept generating more synchronistic energy to pour into this glorious dream. What a relief, to experience this level of surrendered orchestration, based in Divine Love and Law; to be both the receiver of what we need, and the instrument of giving to others.


When we are in the process of trying to bring something new into our lives, or become more successful, the temptation is to go into pushing, or forcing our will onto the outcome. 


But, throughout the weekend, I was reminded that we must surrender our will into Divine will. In this case I didn’t have to try, it just happened as we sang.  The arts are good like that.


The practice of any creative endeavor a creates a singular focus, a forgetting of time, of self, of agenda, where not only can specific things we have been calling in can arrive, but so much more we couldn’t even imagine.


The process of devotion or surrender to a higher power/greater context, relieves us of having to figure it out or force it.


It’s a creative ceremony.




Your areas of chronic dissatisfaction (no matter how hard you try), and lack of fulfillment are the keys to where you are still unconsciously holding trauma and inner conflict, and these conflicts can be resolved.

When your soul desires and personality desires are in conflict, you can be stuck for a long time. It's time to not just "get out of the loop," but to deeply understand and gain power from your repetitive karmic lessons, ultimately using them to your benefit.



Through deep feeling, clearing, healing and mapping through the timelines of your life, you begin to see and feel the energetic templates that lock your patterns in place.


With precision and dedication, we release old habits leading you to the same, frustrating place, and reprogram your timelines to move your soul's energy in the direction of your dreams.



When your soul energy is released and allowed to flow freely through the body, you gain the ability to have power over your patterns, liberating your life's greatest plan. You cease to desire that which your soul is actively working against, and your path can unfold easily, successfully,  and joyfully.

The results cannot always be predicted, but with your soul finally driving the vehicle of your body, you will be exactly where you have always wanted.

As an advanced seeker, your success is not defined by society's expectations, it is defined by the soul.  


When you surrender to that, true success, the kind of success you incarnated for, can be achieved.


There's no more need to go through 10 or 20 more years of therapy or coaches,  to resolve it, it can be resolved within a matter of months (or maybe a year, maximum? Not sure yet:).


I've had quicker results with acupuncture and healing work as a result of this work, and able to take much more on in a short amount of time for greater, more rapid amounts of transformation than had ever been demonstrated to me before.




Life long patterns require energy templates that have been built and reinforced over a period of time, like a fibrous root system.

Part of identifying the fibrous system means holding a larger understanding for how energy templates grow and strengthen through time on a very subconscious level, thus feeding re-curring patterns at various key points of our lives. Patterns need to be addressed at many different ages, stages and levels within a timeline to fully resolve it.

A massive awareness gained from healing work must be integrated into your entire life span and environment.

We begin to see the miraculous, immersive, creative environment and process that makes up your life, for better or for worse.

Relationship, financial, career or health problems are an exact expression of these energetically rich templates, woven into the fabric of your life.

LightSchool Arts Transformation



Intensive energy healing/clearing based in LSA Timeline Healing, Brennan Healing Science, Theta Healing and Violet Alchemy Purification.

Includes ancestral, past life, physical, environmental, collective, womb healing and so much more.


Integrating psychology and cognitive understanding with multidimensional energy work  is crucial to the process of long term change. 

A healthy human ego is a highly functional one.


Deepening connection with Higher Self/soul and Spirit Guide team.


With 20 years of guiding others to their spiritual connection,  the benefits of this work cannot be overstated.



You no longer settle for codepedency or abusive relationships.

You no longer settle for mediocre,  soul crushing work.

You no longer sacrifice yourself for anything out of alignment with your soul's life design.

Creativity and excitement for life comes pouring out of you.

Your soul energy will, with boundless enthusiasm, help you rise into the empowered, prosperous, fulfilling life you were meant to have.


The potential is limitless, it’s up to you.


I'm feeling deep reverence for all that I've created and all I have yet to create. CC Treadway I could work with you for a lifetime. My lifetime struggle with co-dependency and unfulfilling relationships is healing.


I'm no longer focused on other's behavior. I wake up with fresh eyes and have massive love for myself and everywhere I've been. All that is uncovered through this work I'm grateful for. The depth. I'm in awe. Is this even real?  





If you are ready to step into a new timeline of creation, contribution and connection, let's set up a discovery call


Transformational  Coaching 

3,6,9 Months

CC is passionate about guiding committed humans beyond their past, into the powerful change makers they came to be.  She is an international transformational coach, musician, painter and writer. 


For the last 20 years, CC Treadway has sat in the sacred hot seat of people’s transformations, again and again. She has dedicated her life to energy psychology, mindset training, spiritual connection, physical healing, trauma healing, re-wilding, creative expression and women’s work. 


Through her profound spiritual and intuitive connection, CC can help you traverse the worlds of multidimensionality, weaving them together for an optimum, sacred and mystically abundant life.


Whether you are wanting more success, better relationships, better health, more money, relief from suffering and chronic patterns, or ready to take your life to the next level in any way,  this work will powerfully serve you.


While CC has studied many modalities, her foundational energy healing training is at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Barbara Brennan was a  NASA physicist who combined her ability to clearly see and repair the human energy field with developmental psychology and medicine.  She also believed that healers needed to deep personal work and develop their soul path. Creativity was a huge part of the training. The result is a highly integrated, comprehensive system of success for the challenges of people today. CC was lucky to study with her personally and observe her giving healings. In total, she has spent 6 years of intensive training at the school - 4 years in Energy Medicine, and 2 years in Transpersonal Psychology (ASBIW). She has had 20 years of private healings and professional supervision with her teachers and healers. Her connection to this lineage and community is the nourishment for her path as a healer.

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