"If I can make some beauty,

   Bring some love into this world.

 Then broken hearts can

Come alive again, 

     and love each other once more”

About CC

CC Treadway, a dreamer at heart, brings her inner world to life

through the weaving of song, art and healing community. 


She is on a mission to restore art's primary purpose:

to spiritually nourish and enrich culture and humanity.


CC Treadway, multi-disciplinary artist and energy healer,  has been leading artists, healers, business people, entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners into their fullest, expressed potential for almost 20 years, while working as an artist, video editor and musician. Her unique ability to synthesize right-brained creative intuition with left-brain functionality creates powerful, practical and magical results in her client’s life and health.


CC is a graduate both of the Rhode Island School of Design (’97) and of the four-year energy healing and personal transformation program, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (’06). She completed an additional 2 years at BBSH in their Advanced Studies Program (’18) and is an adjunct teacher for the school. She has been performing original sacred music as well as facilitating vocal and movement workshops for 15 years. Since graduating from BBSH in 2006, she began teaching her own program, LightSchool for the Sacred Arts. This curriculum integrates healing, mysticism, earth based tradition (Celtic Druidry) and the creative process.


In 2014 she co-created The Holy Chalice with Cynthia Olivera in Sedona, AZ, a workshop designed to help step out of unconscious patriarchal programming, release sexual trauma and ignite the creative force for women through sound, ritual, movement and healing.


CC has worked as a video editor for companies such as Discovery Channel, HBO, and MTV.She also studied at Alvin Ailey School of Dance, Broadway Dance and trained with renowned vocal teacher, Gary Ledet.  She composes and performs music, writes articles and books, paints, dances and climbs trees. Her first solo art show opened at The Word and Image Gallery in November of 2019. She maintains a private healing practice and art studio in Kingston, NY. 



Feminine Healing, Creativity and the New Paradigm

In this time, the unlocking of feminine energy on the planet is the driving force of much healing in the world today. CC helps women to release the past traumas from generations of false patriarchy to awaken to their unlimited, ecstatic, sensual, creative power.  The unwinding of these patterns is like waking up from a deep and troubled sleep. Women need support as they brave facing the ways they have been erased, and how they continue to erase themselves. Men need support as they shed generations of suppressing their hearts. Non-Binaries are healing centuries of being ignored and persecuted. Healing trauma patterning and entering the creative, quantum field is more than a luxury, it is a necessity to release the old paradigm and create a sustainable, balanced world for all. 

Brennan Healing Science/ASBIW

CC's foundational energy healing training is at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Barbara Brennan was a  NASA physicist who combined her ability to clearly see and repair the human energy field with developmental psychology and medicine.  She also believed that healers needed to deep personal work and develop their soul path. The result is a highly integrated, comprehensive system of healing for the challenges of people today. CC was lucky to study with her personally and observe her giving healings. In total, she has spent 6 years of intensive training at the school - 4 years in Energy Medicine, and 2 years in Transpersonal Psychology (ASBIW). She has had 20 years of private healings and professional supervision with her teachers and healers. Her connection to this lineage and community is the nourishment for her path as a healer.

Nature, the Druid Way, and Awen

CC lives in the forest of Woodstock, New York, her favorite place on earth, and only a short drive from where she was born. Living in harmony with, and through the great teachings of walking the Wheel of the Year/Medicine Wheel is the foundation of her life. Through her work and time with the Indigenous People's of North/Central/South America, she connected to the indigenous path of her own ancestry, the Celtic Druid way. Returning to Ireland was a life changing experience that reset her life entirely. Modern Druidism is nature based, open, fluid, gnostic by nature and in deep partnership with Awen, which is the Source of Flowing Inspiration. It is her powerful connection to Awen that creates her classes and allows others to tap into their creative power in her presence. CC does not ever perform and/or charge for ceremonies from indigenous people's cultures. 

The Healer's Healer, Sovereignty and the Quantum Field

CC's easy connection to spirit, guides and karmic lessons makes it so that those who speak the same language seek her out for support.  Preparing to be a healer is a multi-lifetime event of growing your spiritual container and power. Healers go through a lot to prepare, often starting in early childhood. They must experience every corner of the human journey so they can sit in the face of whatever a client comes in with and remain compassionate and strong. Some incarnate with a substantial amount of karma to clear so they can pull of a large purpose. Healers need more support because of this, and because they support so many others. 


We all travel through lifetimes with our soul families, learning, challenging and supporting each other. In today's world we can see that people are waking up quickly! We are coming out of the nightmare of unconscious enslavement into the field of conscious sovereignty, and we need as many people on board as possible. It is not an easy path at all, and that's why we need each other.As we work together to continue to clear karma and open to our Divine Source within, the quantum field of creation becomes the norm, this is how we gain power based in Love and Togetherness.  




17 Years private healing practice and teaching
20 years of supervision and mentorship with her beloved teachers and healers
Ongoing ceremonial work with indigenous tribes around the world

2019 - On tour with Radharani, sacred singer

2018 - On tour with Joseph Eid, Singer Songwriter

2015-2017 - Thom Sessa Invitational Choir, Miami FL (Gospel)
10 years sacred singer songwriter, sound healer, performer
15 years Video Editing (Music Videos, Discovery Channel, MTV, HBO, Independent Films)
2016 - Contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Be Light Living
2006-13 - Staff writer for The Spirit of Maat



I consider Nature,  my inner knowing, Higher Self and guide council to be my primary teachers.

I am in ongoing supervision with my teachers, mentors and healers.

2008-Present - Ongoing trainings and mentorship with Wisdom of the Earth, medicinal essential oils

2016-18 -  ASBIW, Advanced Studies Program in Transpersonal Psychology,  Barbara Brennan School of Healing
2014-15 - Mastery University, Tony Robbins
2007-8 - Theta Healing, 1, 2, Intuitive Anatomy, Manifestation
2006-08 - Living in the Heart, Sacred Travel with Drunvalo Melchizedek
2005 - Yoga Teacher Training, Shoshoni Ashram, Boulder, CO
2002-06 - Barbara Brennan School of Healing
1997-98 - Alvin Ailey School of Dance
1997 - Kripalu Energy Balancing, Reiki
1995 - Landmark Education
1992-97 - Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Film/Video/Animation, Minor in painting
1992-95 - Mentorship training with Susanne Whittle, LSW, Healer

"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. "

John F. Kennedy