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Welcome Beautiful Soul

Let's free your creative spirit and realize your most precious dreams.

CC Treadway

Artist & Creative Coach

Open your creative and spiritual connection with  Learning to Channel 


Hi, I am CC

I am  a multidisciplinary sacred artist, healer and coach.


Are you a deeply-spiritual creative with a sacred calling... but you’re just not doing it?


Perhaps you have:


• Blocked your creativity for known or unknown reasons

• Can’t access and/or trust the unique genius that moves through you

• Feel scared that your work isn’t good enough

• Have no time to add anything else to your life

• Are scared to share and show your work

• Feel overwhelmed by the pressure of success or competition

• Feel alone and isolated in your process

• Let past experiences ruin your confidence

• Let perfectionism and self-criticism stop you

Or you just simply need more support, encouragement and an experienced eye to help you see blind spots and opportunities for success.

Whether it is art, music, writing or healing, I am here to guide you through the unknown into the celebration of your exquisite gifts.

What I’ve learned is that the creative dreams that tug at you may go into the background at times, but they never actually go away. They are a song singing to the beat of your soul, hoping to be noticed and loved to life.


These dreams are actually time capsules, carefully packed and arranged into your subconscious for your discovery. Once they are activated, they unlock a new potential for your life, where many of your wildest imaginings begin to unfold.


So let’s help you cut through the confusion and get to what you’re actually here to live and give.


Working with me will help you to do just that.

Let's connect on a complementary call to discuss your options.

Learn more about the LightSchool Arts way of working with creativity, healing and personal transformation.


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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.



Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.



Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Playwrite • Director • Actor •Healer


"CC has this ability to see beyond your words, beyond your tears and your pain, to what your spirit is trying to accomplish.

Beside the transformational process, one of CC’s expertises is to hold space for your higher self and creativity to come in. I have had the most extraordinary experiences, where my mine has emerged, and I find myself in a powerful, mystical, creative flow with my work. It gives me such a reboot and rebirth, that I can feel it physically, as if I’m glowing from my own light. 

Thank you CC for being this strong teacher on my path, especially in chaotic remind me of my highest good… and that THAT is what life is about” 



After 30 years working in the fields of the arts, healing and transformation, working with thousands of precious souls,  I have developed a powerful system of unlocking your true essence so you can powerfully stand in the gifts of your soul.

You Have So Much to Offer

From the soft space of your essence, all of you can emerge in the ways you have longed for.


From an unfulfilling job to living your  soul passion


From perpetual healing student to your thriving practice


From absorbing others energies, to superpower boundaries and energetic mastery

From overwhelm and insecurity to clear, consistent confidence and creative expression.


From stage fright to shining your light


From feeling broken by abuse to thriving in your joyful sovereignty.


From untapped, unsung genius to your completed, work of art


From financial wounding to infinite abundance.


From toxic relational patterns to healthy, loving partners.


From aloneness to communal joy.

Your life is a creative masterpiece, waiting to be fully seen, cultivated and expressed. 

Let's connect on a complementary call to discuss your options.





What People Say



Musician • Producer • Healer


 “CC is a part of the super – goddess – healing – ninja – team, sent here to Earth to remind us all of our innate beauty. Her voice is a healing water fall of awesomeness, soothing my heart, strengthening my mind and destroying all my bullshit. Bringing me back to the beloved.”



Speaker • Writer • Healer


CC’s work is so helpful and touches right into the heart of most of my own challenges with the creative process. CC Treadway you have a way of getting right to the core with your voice~ such precious insight for every one in the process of birthing their life's vision; everyone."


Deepen your connection to guidance with  Learning to Channel FREE!

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