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Join me in January, 2023 for a mysterious, creative adventure through your dreams.


The dreamtime is the juiciest way to access the subconscious mastery of your creative and abundant force.


Dreams contain messages, energetic symbols, and mini-movies to inspire you to solve problems and maximize your life.


Dreams are storehouses of potent, creative soul energy that flows with you into your day.


When you consistently dream track, you begin to see the symbiotic relationship between your dream life and your waking life.


Then things start to get really fun.


Your inner myth has a custom made guidance system, designed to make your life magical, fun and successful.

Wouldn't you like to learn it?



For 4 weeks we dive into the winter dreamscape, the potent time where Spirit is pulsing you with new, creative inspiration.

You begin to track and record your dreams each morning, allowing the information to flow into your day, where you will begin to see repetitive themes, patterns and challenges that the dreamtime has prepared you for:

  • Evening ritual to recapitulate day & open dream recollection

  • Morning ritual for writing/recording your dreams 

  • Daytime ritual to follow the dream inspiration to creation (music, writing, art, business, etc. )

Class times will be spent sharing and interpreting dreams, lessons, creations and receiving transmissions from channeled journeys.


Most importantly, we will have fun!



Classes are held


7pm ET  Tuesdays, August 2, 9, 16, 23

Via Zoom



Recordings only

Recordings + live classes 

Recordings + live classes + private session


There is no greater power in this world than the energy of creation.

Your creativity is your ticket into a life of flowing essence, synchronicity, and authenticity.


Your Teacher

CC Treadway, creator of LightSchool Arts, brings wildness, creativity, sensitivity, sensuality and magic into her work as a healer, seer and artist. She has been merging  divine connection with creative expression for her entire life, and she helps students unlock their inner guidance and creative genius.

CC has extensive training/experience in energy medicine and the arts, and has worked on projects with the Discovery Channel, HBO and MTV.


She helps healers develop and thrive in their practice, and runs long term programs for spiritual and creative development.

Learn more about CC here.

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