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Level 2 

Taught by CC Treadway

A six week course to learn advanced methods for clear and accurate guidance.

I still listen to the meditations, like a hotwire to spirit! What a powerful, life changing class!”


Hello Multidimensional Traveler!

You scratched the surface in Learning to Channel, Level 1, now it’s time to deepen your spiritual relationships and unlock your healing and creative gifts in Level 2. 


In Level 2 you will become a multidimensional traveler, understanding how to access your guidance in 4 main dimensions. 

The universe has a divine order, and you will start to learn to navigate this order, opening to the Universe, but also opening to so much more of yourself, your purpose and your healing abilities.


This is especially helpful if you are a healer or artist, because your ability to traverse through the mystery and receive potent gifts expands exponentially.

Are you ready for the next level?


I'd love to continue to be your guide on this profound journey of relationship with Spirit. 


It is my joy to help you awaken the spiritual and healing gifts that you have inside of you.

In this 6-week course you will:

√  Connect with Angels, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Power Animals and really, any being you wish!
√  Learn advanced tools for clear and accurate guidance
√  Amplify your ability to transmit healing frequencies and codes for your healing and creative work
√  Build your spiritual healing team
√  Tap into current energies influencing the planet and ride the wave
√  Access your source of inspiration and genius zone
√  Become an open vessel for the ecstasy of your life purpose


I am loving the structure of visiting the levels -- I share it out loud with client during the session -- tell them what level we are traveling to and then share after the session and compare notes. Usually 100% coherence in out experiences. I am building spiritual stamina - getting the ability to go deeper - able to hold more and take it further. Energetic cardio! Thanks CC!  

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6 PDFs


Each week you will dive into a new dimension and explore the guidance available to you there. This course teaches you to shift in and out of vibrational states easily. Your guides will share many mysteries with you, opening a whole new world of possibilities for your healing work, your life and your personal growth.


“It was really powerful, especially at the 4th heart level. There was a huge circle of ancestors around me (hundreds) in a green hilly field, supporting, and saying, “Do not fear.” I cried a lot, from joy and from being moved. I saw/felt my grandmother (who I never met.) They talked about the Earth, saying that our ancestors speak and communicate to us through the Earth, animals, nature. They said "You carry Earth wisdom in you.” 

The soul's particular frequency is the most sacred, unique and wonderful feeling! The journeys through these realms meet that frequency in you, and you begin to feel your presence and life force soaring and singing through the universe.

Your life’s purpose is, ultimately, and ecstatic song from your soul, pulsing you forward in your unique way to experience this life, and to participate in creation with the rest of your divine family.  

About CC Treadway

Born spiritually sensitive, CC has been practicing energy work for 20 years, teaching workshops on healing, sound healing, channeling, psychic development, creativity and spiritual growth. She is known for her compassionate presence, sense of humor, love of Nature and access to the spirit realms.
A graduate of the 6-year energy healing and personal transformation program, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, CC does not believe in one-stop-shop healings, but in the delicate unfolding of the soul’s desires with the development of consciousness.

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