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Begins June 16, 2022 

1-3pm ET  ZOOM

Learn powerful Energy Healing Techniques to help women resolve:

  • Sexual/relational/reproductive trauma

  • Restore self esteem and self confidence

  • Release cultural stigmas /expectations

  • Free primal, sensual energy

  • Live in joy, creativity and fulfillment

Do you have women/women identified clients who are unable to move forward after sexual or relational trauma?

Womb healing is an essential component to this resolution.  With increased understanding, compassion and efficacy from this work, you can greatly impact your clients in their healing process.

“The womb is the sacred vessel from which all human life is developed and grown. The memory of the womb space as a safe space is the fundamental reference point of safety for the world.”

Working with the womb taps into an ancient power, embedded into the energy and  biology of the yoni temple, and held in the Earth, that can assist in restoring her essence, self esteem, creativity and sensuality.


This training is particularly beneficial for women who have gone through:


  • rape

  • sexual abuse

  • prolonged periods of relational and sexual absence

  • narcissistic breakups/heartbreaks/betrayals

  • codependency/abandonment issues

  • abortions/miscarriages

  • low self esteem

  • relational issues

  • mother wounds

  • complete absence of feminine energy


Womb healing work is some of the most powerful work I have done, with clients often having life changing experiences from one session. I have been doing this work now intensively for the past 10 years in my practice, as its efficacy is so profound.


As practitioners, we will dive deeply into these topics and more and explore the questions:


How do these different woundings show up in the energy field and what do we do?

What are the effects of childbirth, miscarriage and abortion to the energy field and how do we approach healing and resolving?

What are the effects of cultural stigmas projected onto women, and how do they present in the energy field?

How do these woundings become patterns, and how do they present in a woman’s life?

How do we help a woman resolve her particular trauma through energy healing and emotional understanding?

How does patriarchal culture specifically affect women?

How do we help unlock the primordial, feminine essence within a woman?


These are all juicy questions that open up dimensions of exploration, power and potential for you and your clients.



You will learn new ways to help your female clients:


  • Access her sacred feminine within herself and life

  • Own her self confidence, empowerment and sexuality

  • Let go of the past and move forward in her life, hopeful and inspired

  • Attract and maintain relationships

  • Embody the ‘miracle’ of being a woman

  • Redefine herself as a fully empowered sensual and creative being, shedding patriarchal programming, conscious and unconscious

  • Break through creative, financial and success blocks


In each class you will receive a lecture, exercise, skill and transmission to hold for your clients. The more ‘womb power’ you hold in your field, the better you are able to affect your client. Each week you will exchange with a class member, so that you can experience the work and so that you can come to each class with material to share with your classmates.


To access the profound space for the celebrations and safety of the feminine, we will also be entering into ceremonial states to activate the primal, universal feminine codes of life for healing.


You will incorporate daily rituals with the elements to invoke the wildness of nature, and go through powerful transformative healings.

The class is open to Energy Healers of all genders, races, cultures and identities. A multicultural class makes for a deeply enriching experience. Healers of any gender can do this work, but we are focusing primarily on women with wombs as the clients. I am open to more arising as we go.

The space we will hold for each other as we go on this journey is how much of this transmission will be passed to you and your clients.

This class is a deep, experiential dive into the multidimensional womb, learning to recognize and help resolve the common and not so common issues that arise when working specifically with women and feminine trauma in today’s day and age. It is a powerful field of transformation that will leave you anchored in the depths of your sacred human heart and the human family at large.


We take a deep dive into the waters of the sacred feminine for healing, to address the mass level of abuse, forgetting and fragmentation that has occurred in the bodies and spirits of women.


Women need specific assistance and understanding on the healing table and beyond as they learn, step by step, the roadmap of a new and empowered life in today’s world.



CURRICULUM (subject to evolve)


  1. Introduction to energetic womb healing: The Women Nation/Mother Earth/Patriarchal Abuse Imprints/Matriarchal Shadow/Multidimensional womb/Creative Force/Multi-Cultural awareness/Gender Identity

  2. Sexual Resolution 1: Abortion/miscarriage/stillbirth/birth trauma/infertility/birth control

  3. Sexual Resolution 2: Rape/Sexual abuse/Incest/Neglect/Stigmas

  4. Long term 1: Wounded Feminine:Healing Codependency/Narcissism/abandonment/low self esteem/ womb and heart connection/sexual reclaiming.

  5. Long term 2: Lineage: Amniotic fluid/karma/ conception imprint/parental dynamic/divine feminine

  6. Archetypes: Rites of Passage, stages of life

  7. Conclusion: Review/Integration/Creative Activation



Please know that it would be impossible to fully convey all that will be taught and shared. Each person will bring their experience, expertise and energy into our classroom, allowing for exponential, multidimensional learning and transmitting each class.






Acceptance is by interview only.


You must: 

• Have had an energy healing practice, part time for full time, for at least 3 years, with significant training underneath your belt.

• Have clients you can work on during the class, as well as be willing to work with your fellow students long distance

• Have a working understanding of the human energy field, multidimensionality, chakras, Higher Self/guides, professional boundaries, psychic protection and energy hygiene.

• Be willing to sing, draw and dance

If you don’t meet the requirements listed, but feel strongly you should be taking this course, contact me.


Contact me to set up an interview. Space limited.



7  Thursdays, beginning June 16  1-3pm ET



7 live 90min-2hr, interactive class, with recordings.

7 Transmission meditations

Written Materials

Private Online portal for sharing with students and getting feedback from me (not FB)

Certificate of completion if skills are passed


Price: $655 if payed in full by June 6, $725 after.

Non-refundable deposit of $150 required to hold your space


Optional: Private session with me $175


(payment plans available)

To register, please email me with WOMB HEALING TRAINING in the subject. 


Your Teacher

Initatiated into the Sacred Feminine at a young age....

CC Treadway brings the feminine qualities of wildness, sensitivity, sensuality and magic into her work as a healer, seer and artist. She helps women release trauma from generations of false patriarchy and awaken to their unlimited, ecstatic, sensual, creative power.

She has extensive training/experience in energy medicine and the arts, and has worked on projects with the Discovery Channel, HBO and MTV.


She helps healers develop and thrive in their practice, and runs long term programs for spiritual and creative development.

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