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I work with powerful healers with a special, creative dream.

We gently get right to the heart of the matter, unlocking your soul's longing, and compassionately working with what is holding you back so you can step into your next vision for yourself and for humanity.

We work with the juiciness of spiritual connection, soul transformation and healing while we go. All areas of your life will uplevel as you embrace and take action on your true purpose.

No matter the medium, your vast, immense spirit and all it has to offer is included and celebrated, so you can finally break through and bring your vision to life.



  • Have a longing to create something that just wont go away

  • Are too busy

  • Have an idea of your creative mission, but it feels hazy, just out of reach.

  • Feel your creativity wanting to birth, but it just gets stuck

  • Are extremely frustrated about hitting the same wall, again and again

  • Create a lot, but you are disorganized and lack focus

  • See others achieving what you want who are not as good as you!

  • Are ready to listen to the call of your soul and create from there

  • Believe (or sometimes believe) that the universe loves to support you

Samar with her completed book!



Most people have dreams that they have not been able to realize due to unknown reasons!  It is my job to help you find those unknown reasons, and help you shift your story into your dream.


When we get to the root of your difficulties, the story will change by itself.


It’s an amazing process.

It can be vulnerable in these places. In this work we love and hold space for your beautiful essence so you feel safe to be seen. There is no forcing, only allowing your spirit to come out of hiding and lead the way. Your blocks are there to be curious about, not to judge.

Once your inner being feels safe, seen and understood, the inevitable result is powerful creation, excitement for life and abundance in all areas.

Jen with her completed pre-natal yoga card prototypes!


How We Can Work Together

Programs are highly customizable, but we cover these 4 main areas, depending on where you are in your process.


You enter the magical world of your muses, guides and spiritual inspiration. Through your unique channel and energetic signature, the divine can start merging with your energy, expanding your creative capacity and your inner myth. You will receive meditations and assignments to develop this new muscle, amplifying your energy, vision and abilities.  We hone in on your goals, your project and your skill set in whichever medium you have chosen.


At the root of resistance are wounds, traumas and decisions you made a long time ago. Yet, these blocks are simply not visible to you, they are hidden in the subconscious and energy fields. Through precise tracking, therapeutic work, healing, belief work, and re-patterning we get to the heart of the matter and rewrite your story.  Whatever you need, is what we will do. Your spirit leads the way.


After the heavy lifting is done,  your unique creative expression flows through you unhindered,  it's time to create your dream! As you create, we address any more resistance or blocks that may arise.  Your essence learns to trust its flow. This is your time to shine, to be seen,  and to put yourself out there in new ways. You will have way more energy and focus now, and you will learn how to apply that to your flow for success, fully supported through every step.


Are you looking to raise your income? Build a long term vision for your work to give yourself a well deserved promotion? With longer term clients we dive deep into the business structure that works for you, creating a long term, sustainable platform for your work to grow. You will learn how not to grow your business without overwhelming yourself and dealing with blocks as they arise. This program is for those who are truly ready to launch to the next level of success with full commitment.

Are you ready to unblock and open to the next level of your creative flow and pleasure and realize your dreams?

Program is a minimum of 3 months, and as long as 12 months.

This program can be 1 on 1 or in a small group.

Enrollment is by interview only.

To learn more about the program and enroll, contact CC to set up a time to talk.



"It was the unlearning of everything I thought I needed to do to be good, which is where the creative flow is. It’s being in total allow and surrender. It gave me a lot of confidence and really started this unwinding of the deep wound of self hatred and 'not good enough' feeling...all of this is outside of who I think I am and it doesn’t matter at all. Whatever I think I’m supposed to be is such bullshit and I can just be, and it’s amazing, and I cant thank you enough. It was tremendous.” 

— Laurie, Healer & Artist

CC Treadway is an energy healer, channel, transformational teacher and multidisciplinary sacred artist.  She was born a healer, and has been training and practicing since childhood. 


Her specialties are: 

• Empath development and empowerment


• Connecting you to your Higher Self, your guides, Mother Earth/Father Sky and your Inspiration so you can harness  your spiritual gifts and power

• Tracking illness/distortions/blocks on all levels through dimensions and time for healing

• Mentoring your healing work creative process

• Helping you heal codependency, sexual abuse/assault, relational issues & trauma  so you can be sovereign in all areas of your life

• Unlocking your creative power, sensuality, soul purpose and abundance

She maintains a practice via phone/Zoom and at Mirabai Books in beautiful Woodstock, New York.

Contact her to schedule

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