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Advanced Channeling

A 6 week teleclass to take your spiritual guidance abilities to the next level   

• Learn advanced tools for clear and accurate spiritual guidance

• Amplify your ability to transmit healing frequencies and codes for your healing and creative work

• Tap into the current energies influencing the planet and ride the wave 

• Access your source of creative inspiration and genius, made just for you

• Become an open vessel for the ecstasy of your life purpose


You are a vast, precise, unique, multidimensional energy field. In this delicious field lies access to the entire universe. Within this field lives the sweetest nectar for your creative, human life. 


There are worlds and realms carrying songs, colors and lights,  and  there are new codes for our collective evolution. 


There is the pure light of Source and our Akashic wisdom, filtered through the pattern of our personal mandala, to help us with our earth walk.

There are ancestors and animals, there are muses and angels, there are ascended masters,  star relatives and more.

During the winter months, the snow blankets the earth, creating a silence and simplicity which allow for the most delicate reception of subtle, divine energies.


After the shadow period of the autumnal months, and the closing out of the Gregorian year, we are ready, with a blank slate, to receive. Energies from the Heavens pour forth into the Earth planes to fill you with inspiration for the coming year. 


As much as you have your longing, Creator has its longing for you. This exquisite union forms a creative impregnation that lasts through the year, pulsing you with inspiration, slowly growing, birthing and, ultimately, taking on a life of its own.


You have a genius, a feeling, a creative expression that is purely you, it lives within you, and expands to meet and be met by this nectar filled energy field. When we remove the layers of masks, defenses and whatever else we do to fit in and survive, we are left with our essence, and it is beauty itself.



In the winter, the time to consult with your spiritual support is palpable and rich, and they love nothing more than to bask in this fertile space with you.

When we do this together in a group, the energies magnify for everyone, making it even easier to receive the guidance, upgrades and inspiration you are needing.

Join us for a rich, magical, heavenly, potent and nourishing guidance experience!

 "I still listen to the meditations, two years later,  like a hotwire to source energy! What a powerful, life changing class!" ~ Wayne


Tuesdays, Jan 14-Feb 6  6-7:15pm

There is a lot of material for this class, so each class has 2 parts: a prerecorded lesson and a live practice class with Q and A. You must listen to the recording before coming to the live class.

CURRICULUM (subject to evolve)

  1. Intro: Multidimensionality, Higher Selves, 10th Dimensional Oversoul, Essence, Accessing different Vibrational levels

    In this class we dive into the mechanics of the MultiDimensional guidance system. While it's impossible to organize the infinite, we do our best for the purpose fo training our guidance abilities. We go over how not to get confused, why you may receive different guidance from different dimensions and how to get it all aligned into a cohesive, functioning MD family of Self!


  2. Level 4 : Ancestors/Main Guides/Animals/Infinite Worlds/Emotion

    We dive into the 4th dimension, or astral level, to acquaint ourselves with what is available here for us. While levels 1-3 are important to nourish and get into balance,  the 4th dimension is the first stop for spiritual guidance. It is a juicy dimension with many variables, getting clear guidance here requires practice!

3. Level 5: The Architects/Surgeons/Masters of Synchronicity

This week we explore the famous 5th dimension and the guides that reside there. As you surrender into the frequency of this level, you amplify your precision and synchronistic power, tapping into larger scale vision and project through multiple timelines.

4. Level 6: The Muses- Choirs of angels, fields of light, color and sound


The 6th level is a place of beauty, and what many of us think of when we think of the divine. Here reside the angels, the muses and much of your creative and healing support.


Level 7: Intentionality and Direct Download

The 7th level is your ticket to everything beyond the physical. It is the gateway of the Higher Self and Ascended Masters, your Star Relatives and your ability to receive downloads and upgrades- because it connects directly to the brain, your fleshy computer.

Level 8: Akashic Wisdom Reset and Integration

On Level 8 lies your karmic patterns, in this last class, with all the new energy that has become available to you, we want to go in and do a Karmic sweep, then integrate all the work into all the dimensions of your field.


This is an advanced class and assumes the following:

You already are connecting with your guides but you want a more steady, reliable connection and are ready to move to the next level.

You already have a solid, working understanding of boundaries, spiritual hygiene and protection.

You are a working healer, and/or have had significant healing trainings.


6 Lesson Recordings and Live Teleclasses

Private group to share and ask questions

Working with your classmates to practice and enhance skills

INVESTMENT (earlybird price before Jan 4)

Just recordings: $333  (275)

Recordings + Live Class: $555  ( $495)

Just recordings + 2 privates: $633  ( $555)

Certification: Recordings + Live Class + 2 privates: $855  ( $745)


"I am loving the structure of visiting the levels -- I share it out loud with client during the session -- tell them what level we are traveling to and then share after the session and compare notes. Usually 100% coherence in out experiences. Thanks CC!"  SHARON
"Level four is the most powerful and strongest for me. Ever since our class I am in a very joyous mood. My team communicates with me a lot through the musicAl vibrations, and I am not a musician. As for my meditation my team immediately took me to the deep water, floating on the water , that immediately brought up a sense of peace and well-being."  ANGEL 
"On the 5th level I felt the Blue Avians again. I've refrained from looking them up because I want to learn to trust myself and what I receive without outside impressions. I wrote down that they are "clearing fear (dark)" and when I looked back on my notes from Class 1's meditation I saw that I had written down a similar thing at the 5th level: "We are helping you let go of the frequency of fear - it is like little remnants of darkness around your cells." This kind of confirmation is super exciting for me... I haven't done channeling much before and self-doubt is my biggest challenge. Woohoo."  STEPHANIE 
"I took everything we've learned and worked on using it...I had the perfect opportunity this past weekend working with the three year old son of a friend of mine who is also a healer. He has been having difficulty sleeping and she requested I do some energy work with him. While she held him I shared reiki and asked my guides for assistance. They provided guidance as to the source of his not sleeping which was tied to a past life issue. Bottom line, he slept through the night and the guidance I shared with my friends led them to digging deeper into their own belief systems and uncovering programming that may have affected their children." - Wayne
CC Treadway has been teaching people to connect with their spiritual guides for the last 13 years. She has been training and supporting healers for the same amount of time. It is her passion and joy to enter into the mystery with a group of dedicated seekers.
To learn more about her, click here.
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