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Divine Blueprint, Create: Sound and Energy Transmissions for Creative Empowerment

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About Ancestral Healing

CC enters into a stream of creative and healing energy and, together with the guides, transmits sounds and energies, sometimes words, that work on your subtle and emotional levels, clearing, charging and making way for your creativity to emerge unhindered. Are you: •Feeling stuck in your life or creative process •Wanting deeper trust and self confidence to follow through with your creative process •Bored with your life, needing inspiration •Ready to fully live your creative dreams •Longing to cut out the mind chatter and sink deep into your soul in a powerful, healing container •Wanting to be creatively inspired and motivated •Spiritually adventurous and ready for unexpected miracles and mystery to delight your life Divine Blueprint is for the spiritually adventurous, the consciousness junkies, the interdimensional travelers and creators. It is all about accessing your highest potential from your I AM Monadic Self, downloading your next step, bypassing the mind and allowing the subconscious to release its grip on your forward motion, pleasure, and creativity. It unlocks your soul energy, your connection to the mystery and results in deep cellular shifts and awakenings. It’s a totally feminine process and requires your full surrender.

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