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Ancestral Healing - Audio Course

About Ancestral Healing

A 4-module, sacred journey through time to find and heal your ancestral karma. Perfect for Samhain season, but also great for any time. Are you the sensitive one in the family?
 Did you have unexplained illnesses growing up and through adulthood? 
Have you had to work very hard clearing lots of weird karma? Do you feel like you are carrying a load of crapola that isn’t yours? Do you feel like you are bumping up against invisible walls that prevent you from living the life you want?
 If you answered yes to any of these questions you could very well be the ancestral healer for your family. Many star seeds have incarnated into difficult family lines to help them clean up the mess that is held in their DNA, allowing for SO MUCH more divine energy to flow through you and your family today. Of course, this sounded like a great idea when you were planning your lifetime, but most people find their subtle and sensitive natures in these unconscious, dense family energies is very, very hard. • Heal deep patriarchal holding that prevents you from full expression • Transcend the deep matriarchal wounds of suppression and domesticity • Unlock your quantum potential for this lifetime • Bring healing, resolution and divinity to your ancestors Take this profound journey, deep into your unconscious, to unlock the gifts of your ancestry and become the person you always imagined you could be.

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