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Find and express your original, intrinsic, inherent, essential and unique energy signature

Learn to access your genius zone for powerful healings and a powerful life

Your genius is an expanded and heightened state of connection that allows the universal creative force/mind to connect with your soul creativity and talents and channel it through your body into form to share, heal, teach and inspire others . It is when your greatest passion and your greatest talent come together with your purpose.

The healing process is the creative process. The inner worlds of myth, story and mystery need space to unfold and become your healing practice. It is your creative, essential energy signature that allows for your unique healership to unfold, for your genius to come forth.

As each layer of defense unwinds, your core energy shines brighter and engages your life force to naturally create. This creative force can only be stopped by the blocks that have moved in over time but when unlocked, your life automatically unfolds the way you have deeply desired.

As a healer, you are on the leading edge of consciousness in this world, you are creativity in action.  As we progress technologically, the thing we are lacking the most is the development of the heart and the soul. That is why you are so important, you are a pioneer of emotional and spiritual change, attuned to where the energies are moving, and supporting people through these changes.

This program nourishes the full expression of your creative nature through these energies, and does not limit you to any cookie cutter form of success or healing. It holds the space for your genius to come out of hiding and live to the fullest.


Learn the foundational elements of the Wheel of the Year

Develop a working relationship with the elements

Heal and deepen your connection to Mother Earth

Within the heart and womb of the earth, the medicine we need as human beings resides. It is through our natural place, as part of nature, that we find all we need to know about healing, and life itself. Within every skill, every transformation, is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.



Access your guides and clients guides in 4 dimensions 

Build self confidence in your work by having a reliable relationship with your guidance

We focus on developing your guidance skills because no matter what modality you use, you will be at a great advantage if you have mastered your higher sense perception. Your intuition, ability to tap into a client’s guidance team, ability to read the energy field and your awareness of your subtle emotional reactions to clients becomes the foundation from which all other forms of healing can truly flourish.


Trust the messages that your intuition gives you and take it further into the transpersonal

Build a conduit between the stories that travel through your dreamtime to come into your sessions, maximizing your ‘unconscious’ potency as a healer, after all it the unconscious that creates the conglomerates calling for healing, using the unconscious as an instrument of power and healing is the next step

Catalyze your personal process to inform and unlock the hidden blocks of your client

As your full self emerges, so does your healing mastery. In this training we are just as concerned with you unlocking more layers in yourself as we are with you developing the skills to lead your clients through this process. We pay special attention to the unconscious, sabotaging patterns that habitually prevent you from thriving in your practice and in all areas of your life.

How is your healing work a direct expression of your inner landscape, your inner mystery, and your very particular relationship with the divine? So much can be explained and explored through the dreamtime, and I have developed a process called DreamTracking that illuminates not only your unconscious motivations, but your latent healing power.


Understand the larger field of influencing energies that create negative patterns

Identify ‘invisible’ hidden agenda’s that are running your clients lives into illness and frustration

Uncover ancestral influences and bring them into harmony


Transpersonal psychology is a sub-field or “school” of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. It is also possible to define it as a “spiritual psychology.” We approach this work from the vantage point of the healer and artist, and bring in psychology to support the process. 


Depending on your training, we may incorporate these skills into your program

  1. LightSchool Arts Method – Using the dreamtime, lineage and creative process to unlock your unique energy signature, allowing your own healing techniques to manifest.

  2. Womb Cleansing – Assist women in clearing out sexual, relational, birth and abortion trauma, awakening their divine feminine codes.

  3. Advanced Guidance for Healing – Learn how to access your guides on call in (at least) 4 dimensions.

  4. Breakup/Divorce Relational Clearing – Help heal broken heart trauma, clear out the energy of past relationships, and gently assist in separating people’s fields after a breakup.

  5. Astral Clearing for Kids– Help children suffering from nightmares and astral invasion at night.

  6. Sovereign State – Access the quantum state where creation, healing, abundance and total empowerment lives.

  7. Psych-spiritual healing: Learn how to know what your client needs just by looking at them and having a short conversation


And so much more….like

  • The setting of sacred space: the deep personal relationship with guidance, how it relates to self and client

  • Ancestral influences

  • Channeling

  • Transference: utilizing the subtle reactions you and your clients have to open up the next level of healing repetitive patterns in their lives, recognizing when you’re ‘stuff’ comes up with clients and how to deal with it…(it always does)

  • Aligning with your lineage to access power, protection, inner world and creative expression

  • Professional development and client attraction: nuts and bolts, websites, referrals, unlocking blocks success and fulfillment

  • Ethics and boundaries

  • Creative development and the human soul

  • Project and practice support

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