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Creative Alchemy

Dreams Come True As We Become the Dream

A ritual immersion to live your optimum reality

Begins Sept 29, Ends Dec 15




I am a multidisciplinary artist and multidimensional, spiritual nerd.

Since 2006, I have been teaching creative mystery schools and I am always in awe of how the students begin to manifest exactly what they are writing, painting and singing about! 

I have developed an alchemical process to bring these dreams to life through the arts, and I can't wait to share it with you.

What if realizing your dreams became a living, breathing, devotional act of creative alchemy? 

What if reaching your goals could be more fun than you ever imagined?

Creative  Alchemy is a deep dive, mystical immersion for the specific purpose of bringing a long held dream alive. Any dream will do!

Live the dream of your ideal relationship

Live the dream of financial freedom

Live the dream of your soul based career

Live the dream of a healed heart

Live the dream of your creative project

We are going to devote ourselves to being the Creators of our lives,

using the act of creating itself.

All genders/identities/races/cultures welcome.

Autumn Wreath


  • Identify and shift misalignment that prevents manifestation and abundance

  • Unlock your raw, creative spirit through multidisciplinary arts

  • Open to more wealth, healing, love, creativity and JOY

  • Access your subconscious messages and power 

  • Live and breathe the story of your manifestation

  • Be in a powerful, group container of abundance and manifestation

  • Shift your experience of manifesting from lack to dream living in the abundant now

  • Get into vibrational alignment with your desire in the most fun and juicy way ever



I received the most unexpected results from working with CC in her Creative Mystery School Program. I signed up to work together because of a 20 year (literally) dream of djing. I was blocked, and working with CC was the commitment I needed to take myself seriously in this realm. Along the way, CC opened me up to parts of my creative channel I never even knew existed.


And here’s what really blew my mind: as I sunk into my project of creating, practicing, and performing a set, I was filled with the deepest satisfaction I’d ever felt. They say that happiness is an inside job, and I had hit the jackpot- my own pot of gold. No one or nothing could take this away, and this deep satisfaction wasn’t dependent on anything else in my life- no person, relationship, event. As a result, I leaned in hard with new confidence to create the life that I knew I wanted - full of friends and events that valued this music and djing as the medicine it is. And, simply put, that’s the life I’m living now.


It’s been a completely amazing journey ever since.

Sammy, DJ, Healer, Lover of Life

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 8.22_edited.jpg

Creative Alchemy is a juicy approach to manifesting because you actively disengage the mind and enter the creative genius zone, again and again.

Using color, sound, words, movement and ritual, you become instruments of Creator.

You become the vibration of your vision as you create, living it and breathing it in pure presence, again and again and again until it starts to take form.


The energy of your vision  moves you so profoundly you are become willing to do anything it asks of you to make it happen.



No you don't.

That being said, everyone is an artist.



We will be unlocking your unique, creative essence and it will lead the way. You will be guided, step by step through the  process so that your project creates itself, like magic!  You only must be willing to live in your creative edge. Most importantly you will have fun.


As a creator you have the ability to turn your art into a powerful manifesting tool.


As an alchemist, you become the vision as you paint, channel, sing, write, sculpt and move.


As an artist, you have the ability to make your creation as unique as you want.


As an energy savvy person you carry more power when you create.


You, more than most, have the ability to bring your dreams to life through the glorious process of creating and becoming your vision.

Creating is the easiest way to let go of the mind and become one with your essence, and the energy of your desire, which is where the manifesting magic lies.

To understand the energetics and the depth of how we will work, have a listen to this channeling.

This is a wonderful meditation to relieve you of stress and achievement burnout, and put you back into a relaxed state so you can do what you love with ease and joy. This is a portion of a larger class I taught.


The class begins at the foot of the Fall Equinox, the time to lay down the past and step into the void of creation, setting the tone of your dreams for the year. Your dreams are then sent to spirit, where they are downloaded to you in its new, crystalline form in the winter, ready to be born in the spring, and enjoyed in the summer.


We will explore three main areas:



The heart of this program is creating your reality through a multidisciplinary approach that results in your own personal Illuminated Manuscript.  You will be guided, step by step through the  process so that your project creates itself, like magic! When you bring your story onto the page, into form, you take it into the physical.


I have a specific method to unlock your creativity, as well as your subconscious energy from the dreamtime, from your spiritual self and your soul. We do this over a period of time, because living your dream is a transformational process that asks you to grow, to step into a new reality and sometimes a new identity! 


While I have guidelines and exercises  for the development, ultimately you can use any medium you choose. Your manuscript can be film, music, painting, or something else! But it can also be an old fashioned book.



Through multidisciplinary play, you unlock the long held shapes within your body, mind, soul and nervous system that are keeping you in the same place. This means you may be confronting difficult emotional terrain as you begin to live your dream. You will be supported in that both in one on one (if you choose) and group coaching work.

• Trauma Informed Transformational Coaching

• Freeing up the creative spirit through multidisciplinary play

• Identify and working through habitual inner splits and trauma

• Nervous system reprogramming for prosperity and joy




Dreams contain messages, energetic codes, and mini movies to inspire you to solve problems and maximize your life. Dreams are storehouses of potent, creative soul energy that flow with you into your day. When you consistently dream track, you begin to see the symbiotic relationship between your dream life and your waking life.


Then things start to get really fun.


Your inner myth has a custom made guidance system, designed to make your life magical, fun and successful. Utilizing evening and morning ritual, you will learn to work with the symbiotic relationship between sleeping and waking dream states to not just create your dreams in the physical, but to get deeply aligned with what your soul is trying to create - which may be different from what your mind

The combination of these three ingredients creates a potent, rich environment of magical creativity for you to fall in love with your life, and what you are becoming.


Classes begin Thurs, Sept 29th and end  Dec 15th.




• Masterclass: 9 live classes with recordings. Thurs eves and Mon eves, 7pm ET.

• Studio time: 3 live studio classes. Sunday eves. 

• Creation Activation: 1 live class per month (3 total) with recordings.  New Moons, 7:30PM ET.

Private online Mighty Networks group

$2700 if purchased by Sept 15.

$3300 after

Payment plans available

TO REGISTER: Contact CC to set up a time to talk. 



• Everything from Option 1 

• 3 private breakthrough sessions with CC

In private sessions we can get to the heart of your “will not budge patterns”. These sessions are laser focused, intensive and will take you beyond where you thought you could go. If you are serious about working the deeper, underlying causes for your repetitive patterns, these sessions will greatly assist and support your journey.

$3250 if purchased by Sept 15th

$3800 after

Payment plans available

TO REGISTER: Contact CC to set up a time to talk. 

“Art is not a luxury, it is sustenance, it is nature manifest in us.”


- Ethan Hawke


Sept 25, 7:30pm ET Sunday - Creation Activation

Sept 29, 7:00pm ET Thursday - Master Class


Oct 3, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class

Oct 10, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class

Oct 16, 6:00pm ET Sunday - STUDIO

Oct 17, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class
Oct 24, 7:00pm ET Monday - Creation Activation


Nov 7, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class

Nov 14, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class

Nov 20, 6:00pm ET Sunday - STUDIO

Nov 21, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class

Nov 22, 7:30pm ET Sunday - Creation Activation

Nov 28, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class

Dec 4, 6:00pm ET Sunday - STUDIO

Dec 5, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class

Dec 12, 7:00pm ET Monday - Master Class



"It was the unlearning of everything I thought I needed to do to be good, which is where the creative flow is. It’s being in total allow and surrender. It gave me a lot of confidence and really started this unwinding of the deep wound of self hatred and 'not good enough' feeling...all of this is outside of who I think I am and it doesn’t matter at all. Whatever I think I’m supposed to be is such bullshit and I can just be, and it’s amazing, and I cant thank you enough. It was tremendous.” 


“I experienced facing my biggest fears repeatedly, especially my biggest fear of being seen. The more I did it, the more I knew I liked to do it…. The natural high from being yourself! Having a strong, safe container to face fears over and over again until they lost their power over me was essential.

The best thing I took with me was receiving, witnessing, support, and acceptance as I bumbled through. It was really healing for me, I felt I was not enough, had abandonment fears, but I kept showing up and was seen and loved, and that’s all I needed to do.” 


"The powerful spiritual and creative work dug into my blocks, excuses, and holding patterns right away. With each channeling came more clarity. With each artistic assignment I completed, I felt myself sinking deeper into the center of my creative heart.

Today, my book is real. It exists. It’s getting closer to completion all the time. And I can see a clear vision of myself holding the finished product in my hands, brushing my fingers across its beautiful cover, and smiling to myself as I place it back on the bookstore shelf.”  



Since 2003

CC is an energy healer, singer, transformational teacher and multidisciplinary sacred artist who has been through her own powerful journey of healing on all levels. She is the founder of LightSchool Arts, a mystery school for the sacred artist and healer to study esoteric knowledge, healing, personal process and deepen their creative craft.

CC mentors and trains healers,  helps women who have gone through sexual, relational and emotional trauma recover their power and creative fire, and loves to connect people directly to their spiritual guidance, igniting their soul purpose. She also offers laser focused, results driven transformational coaching.


A classically trained singer, CC loves music and sang in the Thom Sessa gospel choir in Miami for 3 years. She also writes and performs original music and regularly tours with with devotional kirtan artist, Radharani. Her solo shows weave together classical, folk, channeling, storytelling and the sacred through passionate emotions - creating a rich, musical landscape from which to open the heart.


She holds a BFA in film from the Rhode Island School of Design, studied at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance and is a graduate of the intensive, world renowned 6-year program, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (Author of Hands of Light), among others. She also worked as a video editor for film, television (Discovery Channel/MTV/HBO)  and independent projects for 15 years.

CC brings her gifts of music, teaching and the arts into her performances and collaborations around the world. She maintains a private healing practice via phone/Zoom and when not traveling, lives in beautiful Woodstock, New York.

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