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“The energies tapped into will blow your socks off and amplify your life.”

~ Sharon


Classes are at 7:30pm ET

Monday, June 27

Monday, Aug 1

Thursday, Aug 25

Sunday, Sept 25

Monday, Oct 24

Tuesday, Nov 22


Monthly New Moon Channelings via Zoom

Every month we gather live on Zoom to receive the energies and teachings of the guides.

2022 Theme:Year of Abundance

How does it work?


A powerful energetic matrix is formed from the guide team that comes forward to assist, combined with your energy and desires. They work directly with astrological forces as well as the pulse of Mother Earth. This matrix becomes the supportive glue in your process, intuitively knowing how and when to teach you, giving you more energy and showing you what is possible when you get stuck.


To gain the most benefit, listening to the recordings several times as part of your meditation practice, will deepen the teachings.




To register for the upcoming channeling, click below to sign up for the mailing list.


The theme of the month as well as the information to sign up is sent out via email each month.

Recordings are sent out the next day. You do not have to be on the call live, but we love having you there!

Thank you!



This Creation Activation is designed to take the pressure off having to be at the top of the pyramid so you can surrender into the larger plan, of which you are an integral part. It's a wonderful meditation to relieve you of stress and achievement burnout, and put you back into a relaxed state so you can do what you love with ease and joy.


This is a portion of the larger class.

Golden Star

“What I love about this class, I attribute to CC's ability to call in specific vibrational frequencies.  As a channel for Spirit's energy, she has mastered the allowing (so there are minimal or no filters) and she remains courageous and present even as the force of what has been called is bigger than expected.  So, there is no dilution of the power.  As a class leader, she finds the good and beautiful in each participant; this makes being in class safe and easier to go to a deeper vulnerable space.”   Sharon M.

Golden Star
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