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Step into your calling

and become the artist you were born to be



Access the direct line to your creative inspiration/guidance

Transform emotional issues holding you back from  fully opening to your creative genius

Align with your life path and purpose


Develop your project

For the last 20 years, I have worked with sensitive creatives and healers who are ready to bring their creative dreams forth.


What are the dreams that won’t leave you alone?


What lurks in the deep recesses of your mind as your true longing, but you keep ignoring it?


Sensitives might be the first people to hide their true gifts, terrified of being mistreated, ignored or just not handled with nuance and care.


But contributing and sharing your sacred connection is why you are here.

Creating the sacred space for your healing and creative gifts to emerge has, and continues to be, the underlying theme to all of my work. As a profoundly sensitive creature myself, I deeply understand this path, and what it takes to bring forth your soul safely into this world.


Together, we focus on unlocking the dormant, creative and mystical being within, who is fully alive in their passion.


Then, you can fully stand in your power, developing the practice, projects, relationships and the life that nourishes you.



  • Have a longing to create something that just wont go away

  • Are too busy

  • Have an idea of your creative mission, but it feels hazy, just out of reach.

  • Feel your creativity wanting to birth, but it just gets stuck

  • Are extremely frustrated about hitting the same wall, again and again

  • Create a lot, but you are disorganized and lack focus

  • See others achieving what you want who are not as good as you!

  • Are ready to listen to the call of your soul and create from there

  • Believe (or sometimes believe) that the universe loves to support you

Samar with her completed book!

Activating your creative gifts, and unlocking your soul's love, is the most magical experience you can have. 

There are no words for the potency of the experience.

Janet Dailey


I am forever grateful to CC for guiding, holding and creating a sacred place for me to step into my wildest visions, which include writing a book that was started over 10 years ago, diving into my own healing, and helping me define my offerings as a healer, singer and wellness coach, all during a huge transition in my life. 

Working with her for the past six months has been one of the best gifts that I have given myself. I could go on forever! xo


Lizzie Rose Reiss


How to share about my work with CC Treadway... How to accurately convey the power in her work...?


Let's put it this way... the amount of healing, growth, and embodiment that I have stepped into since I began working with CC has been life changing.


From her I have learned the art of creating and holding sacred space with love, integrity and surrender. With her I discovered my purpose in spreading the magic.


Through the art I have made within the LightSchool Arts healing container, the creator in me was activated.


And I am now using my creative spirit to activate my magic every day. Sometimes it's painting, sometimes it's building my healing work (which now supports me fully), sometimes it's the written word, sometimes it's song. With CC I have learned how to let art and creativity heal and nourish me.


I can not recommend this work highly enough.

Programs are highly customizable, but we cover these 4 main areas, depending on where you are in your process.


You enter the magical world of your muses, guides and spiritual inspiration. Through your unique channel and energetic signature, the divine can start merging with your energy, expanding your creative capacity and your inner myth. You will receive meditations and assignments to develop this new muscle, amplifying your energy, vision and abilities.  We hone in on your goals, your project and your skill set in whichever medium you have chosen.


At the root of resistance are wounds, traumas and decisions you made a long time ago. Yet, these blocks are simply not visible to you, they are hidden in the subconscious and energy fields. Through precise tracking, therapeutic work, healing, belief work, and re-patterning we get to the heart of the matter and rewrite your story.  Whatever you need, is what we will do. Your spirit leads the way.


After the heavy lifting is done,  your unique creative expression flows through you unhindered,  it's time to create your dream! As you create, we address any more resistance or blocks that may arise.  Your essence learns to trust its flow. This is your time to shine, to be seen,  and to put yourself out there in new ways. You will have way more energy and focus now, and you will learn how to apply that to your flow for success, fully supported through every step.


Are you looking to raise your income? Build a long term vision for your work to give yourself a well deserved promotion? With longer term clients we dive deep into the business structure that works for you, creating a long term, sustainable platform for your work to grow. You will learn how not to grow your business without overwhelming yourself and dealing with blocks as they arise. This program is for those who are truly ready to launch to the next level of success with full commitment.

Are you ready to live your creative soul?


Creative Coaching  Program

3, 6, 9 months

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