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The Holy Chalice Workshop

Unlock the ecstatic power and pleasure of the feminine!


Are You a Woman Who:

Longs to live a more creative life?

Is ready for more ecstasy in your day?

Takes care of a lot of people either at work or at home?

Is sensually dormant or fearful?

Feels unable to move past old sexual experiences or relationships?

Feels overpowered in the face of masculine energy?

Is exhausted by life, but ready to access your full energy?

Feels something is missing but you cant put your finger on it?

Is ready to make a bigger difference in this world?


If you are reading this, then you are ready for the next level of your feminine awakening, you are ready to unlock the mysteries of the womb! Western culture has completely rejected the true feminine. The images we have of the feminine are either being submissive and weak, or dominating and masculine.  Even without any trauma, the majority of women are suffering from a lack of true understanding of their womanhood and are blocked at the source of their feminine creative core.


But we are changing that!


Why is the womb so essential in healing and moving forward into your full creative expression?


Well there is the obvious answer…our lives are created in the wombs of our mothers! It is a sacred vessel for life itself. This vessel is connected to our primary impulse for life and affects everything in a woman’s life, most importantly her self esteem, sexuality and creativity. While the heart opens and flows like a river, the womb, grounds and deepens that inspiration into reality. When the womb is shut down or clogged, that cannot happen.

The energy of old sexual and emotional relationships can stay lodged in the uterus for YEARS. Emotional imprints from past trauma such as miscarriage, abortion, abuse, rape, abandonment, neglect or disconnected sex can also affect the uterus and shut down a woman’s body and heart. This block can make you feel helpless, empty, sexually dormant, prevent creativity from flowing, exaggerate a fear of being seen, or even prevent romance and intimacy in your life. 


You will feel like you are missing an essential piece of yourself, but you wont know what it is. You may have been missing it your whole life.


It is not really missing. It is your power, your joy, your creative passion, your ancient connection to life, and your full womanhood. It is here your fertile creative expression is born. Once you have it, you will never look back, and your life will rewrite itself. 


Your life will absolutely transform in

reawakening this ancient power.

The weekend is an immersion in elemental ecstasy as we seamlessly move through ceremony, dancing, singing, anointing and sacred sisterhood.

At the workshop you will:

  • Release old patriarchal stories that prevent you from standing fully in your power

  • Release the energy that is locked up in your body so you can access your true, feminine ecstasy, sensual pleasure and power and creative genius.

  • Womb cleansing: energetically, physically and emotionally

  • Reclaim your womanhood at each stage of your life, bringing you life force and energy to take your life to the next level

  • Dance in the creative energies of the feminine in sisterhood 

  • Anointing ceremonies with Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils

  • Have the best time ever, living life to the fullest as you have the space to cry, laugh, rage, love and be loved.

  • Leave with a plan of action/being to support your work


Your body is a holy vessel of divine feminine pleasure.

We honor, celebrate and nourish this all weekend long.

"I had not experienced sexual pleasure in almost 20 years due to a difficult labor/childbirth. I didn't think there was any hope. After our day of womb cleansing, I went home to my husband and had an ORGASM for the first time in 2 decades!!! much pleasure running all through my body! I never thought I would feel this again. A huge bow of gratitude from my husband and I to CC and Cynthia for this powerful work!! Yahoni!!!!"

~ Susanna

 "I participated in The Holy Chalice workshop this last December and it was a VERY powerful opening and releasing experience.  I HIGHLY recommend  it. The facilitators are strong, compassionate, power-full, women and experienced facilitators.  It is about releasing old patterns and limitations and NOT about the stories or drama...


In a perfect world I would want all the women I know to have this experience!" ~ Florance

"Our Holy Chalice weekend was such a powerful experience.  It is hard to believe there can be such profound movement in a matter of hours.  Weaving rituals through dance, song and sacred stories, our group created a bond of trust and freedom.  Each woman was encouraged to release old paradigms, to make way for the new in her life. 


My love goes to Cynthia and CC for their divine inspiration and holy laughter." ~ Aviva

In the Arms of Women, Anything is Possible.


Cynthia and CC have dedicated their lives to this work, and created The Holy Chalice for YOU to unlock this powerful feminine birthright into your lives.

Both of us have BEEN THROUGH it and come out the other side, again and again, to claim and reclaim the joy and pleasure that naturally lives within.

Over the years we have refined the curriculum of this work with the changing of the times, as we can see the feminine force is awakening BIG TIME right now. 

We have watched women after woman grieve their past, let go of their story and welcome in new lives in line with their true spirit. This includes expanding businesses, revitalizing marriages, welcoming in new partners (after years of being single), unblocking creatively and finally having the confidence to carry out their dreams.

We are honored to steward this work, and welcome all women to transform into their birthright of joy, pleasure, power and ecstasy.

The Details


5pm June 14th - 2pm June 16th.


Our workshop will take place in beautiful Great Barrington, MA in the Berkshires. June is absolutely breathtaking and we will be immersed in nature with our very own river! This unique property also has a renovated barn that will serve as our dance space and meeting ground. 

There are a limited amount of rooms/dorms at the venue, but housing is easily found all around the area. Commuters welcome. Most meals provided.

Click on image to see pics of the house


WORKSHOP PRICE (includes snacks, light breakfast and lunch Sat/Sun. )   


ON SITE HOUSING OPTIONS (first come first serve) 

Dorm $150 

Private Room $300


Space is limited and will fill, we suggest reserving your spot now!

To register, please contact either CC at or Cynthia at



Cynthia Olivera is the Educational Director for Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils.  She is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Spiritual Counselor who uses medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns.  Cynthia travels around the world teaching plant and tree consciousness and how to open to the messages they give.


Cynthia is also the founder and facilitator for Inner Landscape Training, a deep movement/meditation method that unlocks past lives, releases pain of the heart, and re-patterns the body to give you the capacity to love more deeply.  Her workshops in rediscovering the juiciness of life through sacred sensuality, movement and heart dreaming, are experiential learning environments that allow a shift in personal reality to joyously occur. She is currently working with anointing rituals to awaken the divinity that we are.

CC Treadway.jpg


CC Treadway is an energy healer, channel, teacher and multidisciplinary artist. She is the founder of LightSchool for the Sacred Arts, a mystery school for the sacred artist to study esoteric knowledge, healing, personal process and deepen their creative craft. A devotee of The Mystery, she weaves together the energies of the universe with the creation process for multidimensional manifestation.


CC helps women who have gone through sexual, relational and emotional trauma recover their sexual power and creative fire. One of her passions is connecting people directly to spirit and their guide team, igniting their soul's purpose and divine remembering.


When CC isn't working with clients she is working on her paintings, or performing/recording sacred music around the country. She is currently on tour with Radharani, who hit #5 on the New Age billboard charts! 

We can't wait to dance into ecstasy with you!

To register, please contact either CC at or Cynthia at

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