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Level 1 

Taught by CC Treadway

Learn an easy, reliable method to channel your Higher Self and Main Spirit Guide

Do you have a  burning desire to know your spirit guides?

Have your spirit guides talked to you before, but you don’t know how to do it again?


Would you like to talk to your spirit guides whenever you want?

Are you a healer who wants to deepen your ability to hear and channel guidance for your clients?

Hi, I'm CC Treadway


In my 20 years of helping people unlock their creative, healing and spiritual potential, we always start in one place: 


Connecting you with your Spiritual Guidance.


√  Because your soul achingly longs for this connection, all the time, and doesn't rest until it has it.
√  Because your spirit squad knows things you don’t that can make your life a lot easier, magical and more effective.
√  Because your Higher Self and guides know your life purpose and keep you on it
√  Because your spiritual energy contains vast amounts of inspiration, healing, connection and creative fulfillment.
After teaching thousands of people this process, I have created an easy method to teach you to receive spiritual guidance and deepen your relationship with your guide team. 

You will learn to:

•  Purify and protect your energy field


•  Connect to and channel your Higher Self


•  Connect to and channel your Main Guide


•  Discern between real guidance or unwelcome visitors

If you have ever been curious about the spirit world, or longing to make a more reliable connection to your guides, then this is the course for you.

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Channeling has changed my life in so many ways...being able to always have that connection to pure is such magic. 


About CC Treadway

Born spiritually sensitive, CC has been practicing energy work for 20 years, teaching workshops on healing, sound healing, channeling, psychic development, creativity and spiritual growth. She is known for her compassionate presence, sense of humor, love of Nature and access to the spirit realms.
A graduate of the 6-year energy healing and personal transformation program, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, CC does not believe in one-stop-shop healings, but in the delicate unfolding of the soul’s desires with the development of consciousness.

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