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Crystaline Testosterone and the Falling Leaves

A view of Rosendale, NY at the peak of Autumn.

Today I sit deep in the energies of Autumn, watching the leaves change into their brilliant colors before they fall to the ground. I love to walk on them and hear that crunchy sound.

The time feels potent, ripe with potential, and, against all odds, spirit makers have seasoned their medicine and are integrating multidimensionally as a part of their daily routine.

More than ever, I feel myself navigating the changing tides as an inner game, as all that is outwardly distracting falls away, leaving the core of who we are shining and ready for the next season of life.

In this last Creation Activation channeling, the guides, namely Chamuel, spoke of the courage it takes to shift into the new identities needed to align with the timelines that most suit your soul goals. It takes courage to let go of past visions and dreams, to allow the soul’s pure energy to light its way forward, through an ever present now.

I likened their teachings to a sort of crystalline testosterone, a precise tunnel vision, forward moving, and vibrating with clarity and strength.

In the Fall, we get further opportunity to understand that letting go is a skill, and an essential component of the creative process. Getting stuck in expired visions creates a misguided loyalty to the past that simply cannot be sustained in synchronistic, creational energies.

It takes bravery to believe in yourself as a creator being, when, at all sides we are bombarded with collective fields telling us otherwise. But these voices have receded into the background, as the commitment to inner truth creates a resonant field of opportunity and direction.

The rules of sovereignty, synchronicity, love and wisdom are alive and well, and will carry us through this tumult.

When you are navigating living in two different realities: 3D and 5D let’s say, you truly are living in two unique systems. Pioneers are bravely putting two feet inside the 5D system, as the primary, and integrating 3D from that vantage point. No way is better than the other, but this was the goal all along, so we may as well do it.

This means writing everything down in your calendar because you will absolutely forget otherwise.

In the spring of 2020, when this madness began and everything stopped for a time, our star families began pouring in high level energies into the planet. These energies interacted with the crystalline core and Earth, to me anyway, has been a very different place ever since. The magnetics feel different. The feeling I get from communing with Earth is not what it was. The energy became expansive and new. At the same time, the relentless broadcasting from humans became restrictive. Sigh.

I am here to read energy. I can tell you, regardless of what humans are trying to do, the energies will win. They are part of the ecosystem of the universe. This is, of course, bigger than any human agenda. This new energy is releasing old energies from deep within Earth’s timelines, of stagnation and ‘darkness’ and many people are being affected through illness. Not just by the famous virus, but many different plutonic-like illnesses are affecting people. Pandoras box has been opened for real.

Astral entities started going nuts around this time last year. I asked spirit if it would be as crazy this year and they said no, thankfully. However, unwinding all of this will take time, and many years to resolve.

Earth is being prepared to rejoin the universal ecosystem, and we are on the fast track. Humans are being prepared to circulate through the galaxy, so we need to grow up. The learning curve is steep, and so the medicine is strong.

Have a blessed Autumn!

With LOVE.



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