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LightLetters: The Sacred Feminine and Masculine

The emergence of womb healers within European/American women in the last 20 years is no accident.

We came with a purpose: To restore the balance of life originated in the split in our cultures, when women were thrown out of their sacred role, when the Earth was cast aside as a commodity, when indigenous people’s way of life was destroyed.

We sought out indigenous women from North, Central, South America and beyond to help us remember what being in the Woman Nation meant.

They generously stepped forward to share.

It takes surprisingly very little work for the remembering of sacred womanhood to flow through our bodies, because it is a part of the original design of humanity, that lives within us, and lives within Mother Earth.

The force of this energy is so strong, it is the primary way we can heal from sexual trauma and low self worth.

The time for the re-union is getting close. I can feel it because the Sacred Masculine energy that is also a part of our design, has started to pour forth in larger numbers, in a way women can receive. There has been so much healing.

The emphasis on the healing and welcoming of the Two Spirit Nation is another signifier of this union.

I can also feel it because the doubling down on patriarchal control is apparent, a last ditch effort to squash what has already been set free.

I’m always taking the pulse, listening, and asking women how they feel, because I work with so many of them. When I begin to receive a new quality of energy, it will be passed to them.

Healers stand on the front line of energy, tapping into the cutting edge of consciousness to serve, again and again, working in the background…without any understanding or validation from the mainstream. That’s cool with me.

It’s a calling, it cannot be squashed, and it cannot be obliterated as long as the Earth is turning.

Let the sovereign spirit continue to rise.

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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