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LightLetters: You are lineage embodied

I am a woman of my time.

While there are lineages in my soul and body, I stand strong in the medicine I am carrying for today, and what that means as a woman.

There are many of us who came to express the urgency of the medicine of now, to flow the feminine force once more through a distorted patriarchal system.

I came charged with the pressing matter at hand.

Every lifetime I have doctored, healed and mothered comes through in my work. My DNA ancestors support me and flow through me and they observe, wide eyed, learning as we go.

My body is able to carry more when she touches their ancient lands, but make no mistake, the land I was born into now: New York, USA, Turtle Island, carry more power and medicine for me than anywhere else.

The trees here sing the song of my soul and welcome me whole heartedly home, beyond any politics or wounds of the past.

The ancestors of this land, of many different epochs, often come to me, desiring to walk forward with those ready to heal and create something beautiful for the next generations.

Stand in the medicine of now.

If you are the first healer for generations or maybe ever in your family line, you came charged with this contemporary relevance. Creator carefully placed you. Honor the medicine, culture and place of others, and do not back down on your gifts.

Discover, learn and master your medicine.

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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