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LightLetters: Visions

Visions are amazing.

They come flooding in, awakening every cell, igniting our soul and giving us purpose in our life.

But this is only the first step. The energy of visions must gently fall into some kind of sequence, organizing themselves through synchronicity, and let’s be real, some blood, sweat and tears.

There is no rush.

They happen not all at once, but in glorious phases.

We get to slow down and savor each step, deeply listening, and tending to the great mystery of life. In this never ending movement, our arrival point is simply feeling the wonder of it all.

For organizing and choosing visions, I like to look at the chakra anatomy. Your body and energy system is actually made to translate information, synthesize it and root it down into the physical in a distilled form.

The upper chakras have way more vortices in them. The crown chakra has 108 ‘petals’ that transmit information, divine energy, inspiration, etc.

The root chakra has four petals.

Only four.

When we are willing to bring massive inspirational energy into cohesion in the heart, then continue to weave it through and root it down, we have a chance of actually creating and manifesting in the physical.

It will start to feel really good, and really human!

We have to be willing to take that journey, because it sometimes feels harrowing. Along the way we discover resistance, grief, long held dysfunctional patterns and attachment to them.

But keep going!

Use all your creative tools.

You are a masterpiece.

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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