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Energy, the Hottest Commodity in the Galaxy

I think we can all agree that everything is Energy. Every part of the universe has energy. There is positive energy (light) and negative energy (dark). Energy is the main ingredient for Creation (neutral). Creation is the name of the game. Human beings have a lot of energy. Within our emotions is a generator of energy!

The energy that human beings posses is in high demand ‘round the universe. I don’t mean to scare you, but according to my inter-dimensional travels with other beings, it’s pretty delicious.

Human beings also are very unconscious and reckless with their energy. We don’t really have a handle on it. This means there is quite the human energy buffet going on, multidimensionally speaking.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, for them anyway. But for us, knowing we are generators of energy for the universe, wouldn’t you want to have just a little more say in how it is consumed?

Can we also all agree that wrangling your energy and re-directing it towards your creations would be beneficial?

I have definitely learned the hard way that getting a hold on your energy is not only necessary, but a primary way to stay healthy and happy.

Most of us have fragmented our energy through our lives. We have done this not just because of traumas experienced, but also from positive experiences. We can even fragment ourselves with our healing work, especially plant medicine work, if we do not bring what we have learned or released into a kind of main energy current, what I like to call “braiding” into our Source Timeline.

Collecting our energy and braiding it into our Source Timeline is one of the most powerful things we can do, giving us a channel of life force that keeps us strong, makes our dreams come true and draws miracles to us.

We are (unconsciously) used to freely giving away our energy to other hungry, opportunistic beings. These beings don’t have to be just astral entities, they can be old projects never finished, family members we think we owe a debt to, our children, unresolved traumas, or confusing shifts in our lives.

These places where our energy is left dangling, are mini-portals where we become snacks to inter-dimensional beings. For anyone who has read the Toltec books, they call this process of calling back energy, re-capitulation. In my work, re-capitulation has been integrated into the Timeline Re-Weaving modality.

The idea is to bring back dangling timelines, unfinished business, repeating patterns, unconsciousness, trauma gaps, and more into a cohesive, working eco-system.

If you are a healer looking to maximize your work within a system that not only holds all of your techniques, but enhances them, allowing what you already possess to become that much more effective, a Timeline Re-Weaving training is starting on March 22.

If you are a client, and you long for some serious, life altering transformational work over a period of time…contact me! This work is the most focused, dedicated and sacred work I have ever held space for, bringing you into mastery into your life.

From My Heart to Yours,



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