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Let Your Essence EXPAND in 2022

I write to you today from back in Miami, finding myself re-creating a cozy winter vibe in my room, even though the sun is shining, and the beach is a few minutes away. Returning here has challenged the deep, internal space that was created in my little cottage in the woods.

While I dreamed of more outward circulation rather than inward isolation, it’s been a bigger adjustment than I imagined.

Miami, even since last year, has changed a lot! There are so many more people down here as it has become a blockchain and medical freedom hub. I am getting used to all the new energy as I’ve questioned my sanity in this decision.

Spirit has been the strongest instigator for this life shift, and so, I keep walking through the transition, or painful initiation, as it seems the enticing visions they gave me are being delivered poco a poco. Have you ever had the experience of getting the epic download, and then you follow the signs like a good human, and come to find out, you are NOT on the easy trail?

It has definitely been this way for me. I’ve been the grumpy little human, angry with Spirit for awhile now, but still following these tasty, crystalline bread crumbs.

I’m settling into the heartbreaking reality that my elderly parents are not getting younger, and my perfect, little solo-art-show-in-the-forest is completing. I went into a deep mourning for this, both before and after I arrived (sprinkled with a little Omicron of course.)

If you have been on my list for awhile, you know that living in Woodstock was a life long dream, and one I cherished living. But, about a year ago, Spirit started coming in and telling me I would be leaving. I resisted this with all of my might, but we know how that goes.

Truthfully, there were things there that were concerning me as I looked at my life long term. I wanted more, and was excited about leaving, but was just so tired of moving, that I was ok with letting those desires go. Of course, this was not gonna work, and I have learned that when Spirit talks, I must listen.

The more I am down here, though, allowing the change to happen, the more I realize that I had contracted very deeply with the pandemic and that actually, my life is getting BACK on track, and BACK to the visions I had for myself before this whole showdown began.

I think most of us don’t realize the cumulative effect of these past few years. It was only when one of my Hudson Valley friends came to visit me that I was able to see myself in her, as her system went into shock from leaving her homestead.

I can see now that the trajectory for my life had gotten much smaller because of the circumstances of the last few years, and now Spirit is cajoling me out of this distortion.

The trail has been rocky because the intensity of the holding and containment that was cementing in my energy field has been shattering, and while it’s not pleasant, it is the expansion of my essence that is shattering it, hallelujah!

Everyone will have their unique timing as to when they can emerge from their cocoons, but if it’s uncomfortable, trust in your expansion. Wanting more is the soul speaking, and listening allows the whole collective to expand. We are still traversing so much, but if we are brave, our essence will lead the way and shatter what is no longer needed.

Happy 2022!

From My Heart to Yours,

CC Treadway


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