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LightLetters: The artist of your life

I hear people say that they don’t want to do any more therapy, healing or processing. I totally understand.

But let’s reframe.

There is nothing wrong with you to fix, because you are a Creator, and your life is your best project yet.

But, if you are running into habitual blocks, well, it’s time to get creative :)

Your whole life is your personal masterpiece, and time is a tool.

Your history is an open field of co-creation. It’s a glorious, infinite, ever evolving expression of you.

For instance, I’ve been spending time in my tween years, singing her songs, feeling the feelings she didn’t understand, meeting her in her longings, celebrating her mysterious feminine essence that she was just getting to know, as her body was changing.

She stifled herself to fit in, was bullied for being too sensitive, and punished for being too successful.

In the creative process of bending time, I can give her everything she didn’t get, unlocking the creative life force that was hidden, meeting the love that was ignored, and honoring the deep compassion and sensitivity that opened her to other worlds.

To move forward into the dreams I want to create today, I needed to unlock more energy from that time period and set it free; free to flow through the entire karmic expanse of my life.

I repeat, there is nothing wrong with you to fix!

You are creation in motion and time is on your side.

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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