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LightLetters: What is the true surrender to God?

I notice with the many women I work with, and of course, I have seen this in myself, that sometimes there is still a very young idea of what surrendering to the Universe actually is.

It’s almost like we turn into little girls, waiting for our turn for the good stuff:

Waiting for God to give us our husband

Waiting for God to give us the right place to live

Waiting for God to give us the promotion

It’s a delicate balance between wanting to take control of the whole thing or waiting in the corner like you are last to be picked.

Sometimes I like to pray to the God that is the patriarchal God, the one I grew up with, because for women, as they have embodied the Goddess, healed their wombs, and opened to their creative fulfillment, they usually need to turn towards the masculine, to start learning how to forgive, to receive, to trust, to listen and to be guided by a precision they haven’t previously known.

They need to learn consistency, structure, peace, financial stability, and safety.

To be loved as the full Goddess, the Woman that you have become, you need to recognize the safety, the trustability, the steadiness, and the love of the true masculine, so you can have it in yourself and so you can easily dismiss those who are not yet able to embody that.

A woman’s faith, trust, and surrender can only be held by true maturity, not an archetype, nor a fantasy, nor a childhood wound finally being healed.

God is thorough in his teachings, and for many women, especially those whose trust was broken by men early on or those with narcissistic parents, this path of thoroughness is lengthy and exhausting.

Sometimes I think if we lived as long as we are supposed to as humans, like at least 150 years, we would have the right amount of time to fully become ourselves before teaming up with another. And then we would have a lot of time with them before having children.

Women feel so much pressure because of their biological clock they often choose the wrong partner.

While it’s some people’s path to meet their partner early on, for many of us today on the Sovereign Priestess path, those deeply desired unions happen in the second half of life. I’ve been watching a few of those unions come together, and it’s a true blessing for everyone.

As my prayers with God have deepened, these things I know:

God wants you to be in a holy relationship.

God wants you to have a blessed union, and he wants you to FULLY embody your own self and surrender to him before that happens.

He knows the right man for you, and so there comes a point you allow him back in your heart to guide the next phase of your journey. I’m learning there are also clear parameters around how it all unfolds.

Ultimately God is trying to give your MORE than you can see.

God is there to listen when your longing becomes more than you can bear, and He has a plan for you if you allow him to guide you.

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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