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LightLetters: When you are unclear…

When we are stuck in indecision, we are simply not grounded.

The root chakra is a deeply settled, unitive space.

When we are truly grounded, we are also very, very clear.

While we may get lots of inspiration and ideas, they come into fruition when we can anchor them deeply into the physical.

We can’t anchor all of them though, this can be hard for some.

And, the feeling of grounding can actually feel like a painful descent, even a crash landing:

We may feel we are losing touch with spirit, our origins

We may have to face trauma that fractured us

We may have to let go of sabotaging tendencies,

or euphoric spiritual highs.

Or maybe, we just need a little cry.

But, you are brave. That’s why you are here.

Let your visions travel down the chakra ladder, evolving until they are distilled at the root, anchoring into this extraordinary physical world.

The direction is clear when you do that.

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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