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That pattern you just can’t resolve…

Why can’t you resolve that recurring pattern, no matter how hard you have worked on it?

This is a question I often hear, and have often asked myself. In the recent years, I have noticed that I have been resolving long standing patterns, and that indeed, so have my clients. The soul and psyche are desiring to learn something, the more ways we can facilitate that learning, the better shot we have at a full resolution. Remember, this article is for

those who have been churning on a pattern for a long time, and who have gained understanding of themselves within it, yet it still happens. It’s not necessarily for those who have just embarked on their journey of consciousness. This is obviously a huge subject, but I have broken down some main points of how patterns ultimately can be resolved.

  1. The ROOT of a pattern is not always a singular tap root, but a complex fibrous root system Part of the gift of being a healer is the ability to hold multiple realities and viewpoints in love; a macro-energetic container that allows for the diversity of life to miraculously unfold. Most healing work focuses on finding the origin of a problem in an individual, and then addressing it with various techniques. However, these isolated incidents don’t always form a cohesive resolution for the psyche. There are many different fibers within a root system that weave into the fabric of a person’s life, including the community around them. The entire system, needs to be addressed to make a permanent shift. Family constellation work has deeply influenced my understanding of this.

  2. Life long patterns require energy templates that have been built and reinforced over a period of time. Part of identifying the fibrous system means holding a larger understanding for how energy templates grow and strengthen through time on a very subconscious level, thus feeding re-curring patterns at various key points of our lives. Patterns need to be addressed at many different ages, stages and levels within a timeline to fully resolve it. A massive awareness gained from healing work must be integrated into the entire life span and environment of a client. We begin to see the miraculous, immersive, creative environment and process that makes up a person’s life, for better or for worse. Relationship, financial, career or health problems are an exact expression of these energetically rich templates, woven into the fabric of our lives.

  3. Timelines evolve in a spiral, that settles into linear time in 3D Patterns are laid into a timeline that is held in the ever-evolving spiral of life. They work in coordination with your personal medicine/astrological wheel, as well as the collective’s wheel, and planet Earth’s evolution. We get many opportunities to repeat patterns and evolve through timelines as we cycle around our [pre-chosen] personal wheel. But our patterns have an intelligence to them that is profoundly interwoven within the environment. Getting inside of them and re-weaving them is a fascinating and highly effective tool for transformation.

  4. Our bodies are unique vehicles that need to be understood and honored, Our bodies are designed to work in very specific ways. We need to get know what they are to be able to maximize our purpose and joy. When we impose other’s success formulas over our natural way, we will be ineffective and frustrated, and very often fall ill. Dishonoring our body’s natural functionality results in the repetition of negative patterns. Human Design addresses this, but your own self knowledge and respect will show you, over and over. Our physicality has everything to do with our joy and our success in life. Giving ourselves permission to follow our unique functionality takes courage, but the payoff is real. When you get a hold of how your own physical genius works, your spiritual, emotional and mental genius will open in ways you never thought possible, and the creative masterpiece that you are will unfold.

  5. Integration and streamlining of healing experiences is necessary to defragment our timelines. Our lives are sacred, creative masterpieces, and all colors and materials have their place. If the various colors of our lives are scattered all around without focus or purpose, our energy will be depleted. We all have multiple timelines at work, the idea is to bring all of our experiences, positive and negative into a coherent timeline of functionality so our Source Energy is fully available and alive for creation.

  6. We are not islands For patterns to fully resolve, they must be re-woven within community, and reinforced relationally. Sometimes they happen their own, but sometimes not. This portion of the healing work requires physical and relational change. It requires brave conversations, new boundaries, new locations, jobs, habits etc. You may need to let go of a lot, release preciousness about things that have defined you, and step forward into a new experience of life. Often times people stop short of the final piece of the resolution because they are still too attached to certain aspects of their old way. Then the work they have done gets forgotten, and they cycle back into their old pattern. No worries though, you will get another opportunity!

  7. Light and Dark are Creative Tools Lastly, when we understand that the illness we had, the heartbreak we experienced, the loss we endured, were simply part of the magnificent creative process of our lives, we are able to synthesize our timelines even more. Underneath duality is neutrality. We are not doing something wrong if an unexpected, dark period seemingly engulfs our life, we are participating in life’s ambitious, creative process. Over time we learn we are not just learning lessons, we are adding richness and dimension into the creative project that is our lives, and that is a part of the larger canvas of creation to which we are devoted. The result of this work is a massive free-ing up of life force, drive, excitement and health.

How does all this work? Well, that is what Timeline Re-Weaving is all about.

If you are a healer looking to maximize your work within a system that not only holds all of your techniques, but enhances them, allowing what you already possess to become that much more effective, a training is starting on March 22.

If you are a client, and you long for some serious, life altering transformational work over a period of time…contact me! This is the most focused, dedicated and sacred work I have ever held space for, bringing you into mastery into your life.


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