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“CC Treadway is the real deal. A Master Chief.

The best Captain to have at the helm

if your boat is leaking. This, I know for sure.”  

– Beatrice


Your life is a creative masterpiece, waiting to be fully seen, cultivated and expressed. 


I work with a handful people privately, who are dedicated to their transformation and learning, and willing to commit for long term work.  Through time, we develop a meaningful relationship that supports your soul's focus and purpose.



For the seeker, sensitive and healer who's gifts are emerging and developing.



For the consciousness veteran, the bio-hacker, the healing overachiever...this is advanced soul work for liberated success in any area of life.

"Once again, I felt better on an emotional, spiritual  and physical level after our session. I am always blown away by how much work gets done in one session with you! How much more present and light I feel walking through the world.


In general I am inspired and hopeful in a way I never have felt before. It’s kind of incredible! So many years therapy and trying everything...and still always feeling an underlying sense of suffering and sadness, never able to get fully present.


Several days after our last session I began to feel like I was staring at a new version of myself in the mirror." K.N.

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