“CC Treadway is the real deal. A Master Chief.

The best Captain to have at the helm

if your boat is leaking. This, I know for sure.”  

– Beatrice

Work with CC

I work with a handful people privately, who are dedicated to their transformation and learning, and willing to commit for long term work.  Through time, we develop a meaningful relationship that supports your soul's focus and purpose.



"Your power of spirit in goddess embodiment touches my soul. The radiant, creative luminosity you generously share though channeling, healing, invocations, song, art and ritual: Priestess Extraordinaire.


Sparemakulasvarnum (with affectionate remembrance of the heart)"


Love, Jen Pettit

I work with powerful women: healers, doctors, nurses, artists, poets, musicians, educators, yoga teachers, stay at home Moms, and more...all with visions that their souls are giving to them that they have yet to realize. And yet these visions and impulses rarely die over time, they only get stronger.

In my coaching work we gently get right to the heart of the matter, unlocking your soul's longing, and compassionately working with what is holding you back.

Unlike traditional coaching, we are working with the juiciness of spiritual connection, soul transformation and healing while we go. All areas of your life will uplevel as you embrace and take action on your true purpose.

Ancestral healing, belief reprogramming, astrology, creative development, connection with your guidance and more can all be utilized in your journey to success.

We shift out of lack into abundance and the space of miracles, and we take action that is in complete alignment with who you are.

No matter the medium: painting, writing, performance, business, etc… your vast, immense spirit and all it has to offer is included and celebrated, so you can finally break through and bring your vision to life.

LightSchool Arts Certifications



I help emerging healers deal with the often tumultuous transition from student to practicing healer, assisting them with common issues that arise when starting and maintaining a practice such as:

• Psychic protection

• Finances

• Spiritual Guidance and Development

• Practice development
• Recognizing and knowing what to do with personality disorders

• Deepening High Sense Perception (psychic) skills

• Self Care

• Support for working with more challenging clients

• Navigating capitalistic values with healing work

• Marketing

In today's world most people have many trainings, and need to synthesize all of it into their unique offering, and then have support with the ups and downs of running a practice, a business and and essence based life.

Program is a minimum of 6 months, meeting 3x per month.



Channeling, at its essence, is relationship with Spirit.  It is the multidimensional activation of your true calling. It is the calling forth of benevolent spiritual support to help you actualize your soul path, and awaken the creative force. Channeling is so much more than talking to invisible beings, although that’s a perk. Channeling is the creative process in real time. It is magical, life changing and one of the most powerful ways to drop deeply into the remembering of who you really are. Your life will not be the same. 

  • Learn an easy method to align with the totality of your being, your Higher Self and Soul

  • Learn to communicate with guides, angels, trees, crystals and more

  • Learn the safe way to open and close your channel

  • Channel for yourself and for others

  • Amplify your healing skills with easy access to guidance 

  • Step into your Awen, your flowing inspiration for an abundant and fulfilling life

6 private sessions + completing e-courses: Learning to Channel Levels 1 and 2.




"Once again, I felt better on an emotional, spiritual  and physical level after our session. I am always blow away by how much work gets done in one session with you! How much more present and light I feel walking through the world.


In general I am inspired and hopeful in a way I never have felt before. It’s kind of incredible! So many years therapy and trying everything...and still always feeling an underlying sense of suffering and sadness, never able to get fully present.


Several days after our last session I began to feel like I was staring at a new version of myself in the mirror." K.N.

I bring 20 years of healing experience and multiple modalities into each session and is gifted with strong High Sense Perception, channeling and psycho-energetic skills. 


Her foundational training at the Brennan Healing Institute consisted of 6 years of personal growth, healing education and professional supervision. She has a comprehensive understanding of how the complex layers and realities of the human energy field relate to the mind, body, spirit, earth and community. 


A session can move from repairing and recharging the field to working with all disease states, unexplained illnesses, healing codependency, entity attachments, heartbreak, psychological blocks, death and loss, fertility issues, recovering from trauma, sexual abuse, integrating intense spiritual experiences from medicine work, depression, soul retrieval, systemic work, spiritual reconnection, etc. This work is highly focused and intensive. All presenting complaints are welcome, although this healing work is not recommended for those with mental illness and high degree personality disorders.

CC works in sessions of 3, as the depth of healing needs time and development.



Ongoing healer supervision/mentoring can greatly increase your skills, efficacy and integrity as a healer. This results in more clients and a more fulfilling practice. Support is not an option, but a must when being a healer.

Packages for ongoing supervision are available for graduates of the LightSchool Arts Healing Practitioner program. If you are not a graduate, we can set up a time to see if we are a good fit for ongoing supervision.

ASBIW for Brennan Healing Science Students

Supporting students going through the program at Barbara Brennan School of Healing is a deep passion! For current Brennan students who need to fulfill BIW requirements, I follow standard rates for enrolled students who commit to a full year of work.

“Everywhere is the center of the world.

Everything is sacred.”

Black Elk