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LightLetters : The beauty of inner work

I love hitting a new patch of inner work.

A whole area of life that felt closed for a lifetime, or maybe more, begins to open. It’s like a gentle, highly oxygenated, breath of fresh air flows through me, and my perception shifts to allow a whole new experience of life.

The solution to an inner conflict, preventing you moving forward into your vision, is NEVER what you think.

When you hold the space with someone, their higher knowing will at some point, come in and deliver them the resolution.

It’s always a surprise.

Pure presence, standing with someone with the knowing this can happen, and the client’s dedication, will open this profound alchemical portal.

When the inner conflict is resolved, the outer action becomes easier, fluid and synchronistic.

A clear intention and your pure-life-force-energy, flowing in certainty and playfulness, gives you the perseverance to move through obstacles, face the inevitable challenges, and roll with the daunting changes your vision implores.

Your inner work is pure artistry, it’s simply tending to your creative aspirations for this lifetime, and beyond.

It’s meant to be enjoyed.

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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