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LightLetters: Will you dream with me?

In my fantasy world, I’d like us, the humans that

is, to resolve whatever inner conflict it is that we have around living well.

To me, living well means treating ourselves with the utmost devotion, as a holy vessel of life, here for creative enjoyment.

To me, living well means treating the planet with reverence and respect, so that our food and resources nourish us as they were designed.

To me, living well means prioritizing feeling so good about ourselves, that we have room to consider other’s needs.

We can’t avoid conflict, thats the diversity of life, but when we feel good, connected to others, and nourished by the planet, we’re less likely to commit genocide and planetary destruction.

Just saying.

The planet needs a great reset, but not one controlled by technocratic overlords.

Just saying.

Human beings are being asked to rise into their own multidimensional joy, to take the lead on Earth.

There is nothing to feel guilty about for living joyfully.

In my Earth, learning how to live joyfully, how to live in harmony within your own being, and with each other, is what would be taught in school.

In fact, living well is what would be expected as the baseline, because it would be known that when we understand ourselves and others (as pure infinite love and mischief), we can create wonderful things together.

Sometimes, I take a mind vacation, to live in this dream.

Will you dream with me?

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway


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