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In my practice, I work with those who are the most sensitive. As a sensitive myself, these are the people that feel safe and seen with me. Natural sensitivity is wonderful, should be developed and is one of the gifts of the healer. Sensitives can be the most compassionate, most selfless and least aware of their personal needs, because they deviate so drastically from the norm. They tend to take care of everyone else because of that compassion.

Sensitives are people who are highly psychically gifted, but that gift often came from trauma, or trauma exacerbated the natural sensitivities. These traumas leave them very vulnerable to physical and energetic invasion.

Energetic invasion is understood in indigenous and eastern medicines, but ridiculed in western, leaving many further traumatized in their search for healing.

Energetic invasion can come in many forms, but pathogens have energy fields, those fields have consciousness, and often until they are released, healing won’t happen.

High sensitivity can also occur from toxicity passed in the womb, or exposure to high toxicity as a child, which overwhelms the liver.

There are many reasons that could contribute to high sensitivity, sensory issues, empathic stress and, ultimately, pathogenic overwhelm. Every person is a unique geometry, interwoven with their past, present and future.

A common denominator for those who experience chronic energetic and pathogenic invasion is a childhood, and usually a lifetime, of being abused that has created an evolving template and timeline of illness. However, the client is usually unaware of the full extent of the abuse and how it continues to affect them.

This long term abuse has never been acknowledged, certainly not by those that abused them (it’s usually unconscious and probably still happening), and they have been so gaslighted that they have never acknowledged and healed fully from it themselves. It is deeply unconscious in the whole constellation.

This means that, even if they have good mindsets and don’t see themselves as a victim, they have a configuration in their energy fields that is unconsciously inviting more abuse, like leaving the back door open in a war zone.

There could be multiple timelines running in their life that are continuing to foster an unconscious vulnerability to invasion on all levels. There is also shadowed abuse that is held in large collective fields, like schools, governments or media. We need to look at them all.

To fully re-route a person’s energy in the direction of health we must take a deep dive, over a long period of time to begin to clear, heal, understand, and make the necessary life and health changes to ultimately understand what true strength and empowerment looks like.

We must teach the body, mind and energy field how to, again and again, heal and strengthen itself!

We must find the joy within and run it through the body in its unique purpose, again and again.

We must deeply get to know the body, and give it what is needs to be healthy, again and again!

It takes dedication, willingness to change and someone believing in you to make this happen. Within my Timeline Re-Weaving work, this is exactly what we do, together.

From My Heart to Yours,

CC Treadway


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